China is headed for a revolution: Are China's economic policies unsustainable?

  • Yes. China's economic growth is temporary.

    Yes. China's economy is flirting with becoming extremely volatile. China has made it commonplace to grow in extremes, and that kind of policy is never a sustainable way to grow an economy. China, being a communist country, has also placed limitations on certain imports and exports, which will only further hurt their economic growth once their manufacturing starts to slow.

  • Eventually, Workers Will Rebel

    A worker's rebellion is on the way for China. When enough workers realize that conditions in their country are far below those of other places such as Europe and the United States, the Chinese government will have no choice but to accede to a worker's revolution or collapse. Chinese ruling parties are complicated, but eventually enough people will stand together united against the oppressive regime.

  • This is the same thing people thought before the Tianmenan ( Don't know spelling) massacre.

    I doubt if there even was a revolution, that it would succeed. The Chinese Government has the largest army in the world and almost unlimited resources. They also have a large arsenal of nukes, and if pushed far enough I don't doubt that they would use them. Let's pray this doesn't happen. Thank you and God bless.

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