China is headed for a revolution: Do China's policies need to change?

  • All nation need progress.

    Before i answer the question i want to adress the question/statement.
    #1 A revolution primary motive is when the basic needs or the needs that most important to that group/groups are extremely limited or absent. So is that the condition for "china". I argue no. While yes there are plenty of injustices the vast majority can fill their needs and even pursue their wants. Secondly what "policies" does the question address?

    #2 The global situation right now is tense to the instability in the global economy and the social domestic problem that faces China. By all means China should and is facing those problem. Time is the issue. The solution are permit and dynamic. What worked today doesn't mean will work for tomorrow. Thus China like any nation must Change.

  • China needs to respact others policies as well.

    I stronglely agree that china needs to change their polices and also to respact other people's policies. Their government seems to let them sell whatever they want as long as the money comes in the conuntry. If you look at every invention gets botlegged in china and they end up making same exact product for lot less price. They should have some kind of laws of till what extant they can to rest if the world.

  • China's Policies Require Reform

    If China doesn't reform its governmental policies, then the country will likely see great civil unrest in the coming years. China treats its citizens harshly through censorship and brutality today. Anyone that opposes the government in the slightest way is punished severely. With that in mind, China's government needs to change its policies and give its citizens more freedoms.

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