China is headed for a revolution: Is China headed for a revolution?

  • Yes, And A Violent One

    China currently bears the bulk of US debt. They are hoping that we will pay off this debt soon. If not, then it is only a matter of time(5-10 years) before they face an economic crisis of their own. If this happens, then they should expect a violent and complete revolution to cripple their Communist structure.

  • Yes, I believe that China is headed for a revolution

    I believe a country of such size an overall intelligence will eventually have a revolution. The amount of people alone and the way they handle their economical and political policies is better than any country in the world. The whole world is dependent on China for production, ideas and innovation. They are the major power of the world.

  • China Trends toward Revolution

    No country with a dictator regime has successfully remained in power against the continued will of its people. Thus, although the Chinese government is strong and financially stable at this time, it is only a matter of time. The winds of fortune will soon shift and find these dictators swinging from the nooses of anger created by their repressive policies.

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