• Jobs will start returning from China.

    Jobs will start returning from China. Mr. Trump has two ways that he could be pushing for this to come true. First through negotiations with our companies' to encourage them to keep their jobs here. There is also the factor of him angering China with his conversations with Taiwan, so China could very easily lose interest in our jobs for that reason as well.

  • They have been for many years.

    Manufacturing jobs have been gradually returning from China to the United States during President Obama's term in office. Much of this has to do with the considerable hike in Chinese living wages which have made employers consider America a more cost-effective option and the overall skill and success of the American industrial system. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

  • No I don't expect jobs to return to the US

    If a trade war happens then everybody knows the Chinese will win. Unfortunately with the way Mr Trump thinks he won't care about that, he just likes to play dirty. Much like we saw him back down with his wall on the Mexican border, eventually he will back down from a trade war with China when it doesn't return jobs to the US.

  • Jobs are not going to start returning to the US from China

    Jobs are not going to start returning to the US from China. Why not? Because the worker in the US is going to make it impossible for it to happen - in the form of unreasonable labor and wage demands. One needs examine just why companies end jobs here and open them up elsewhere. This isn't rocket science. It's basic economics 101.

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