China may help Pakistan develop weapons: Is war imminent in South Asia?

  • Yes, war is imminent in South Asia.

    Yes, war is imminent in South Asia. It has recently been determined that if India gets a hold of intercontinental ballistic missiles, China will help Pakistan obtain some of their own. India and Pakistan have been existing tenuously ever since Pakistan broke from India. This is a recipe for disaster.

  • No, was is not imminent in South Asia

    No, was is not imminent in South Asia, however, other countries in the region should look into the reasons that Pakistan needs weapons. In this day and age I believe that there is substantial potential for war to be avoided through negotiations. The countries of the region need to work together to avoid war.

  • China doesn't want a war.

    China, Russia and the US run the whole show. In South Asia, China just wants to build roads so it can transport oil from the Middle East easily. That is their main goal. There won't be any wars, there will be a lot of bluffing but China is going to keep everyone in line and construct those roads.

  • There are nuclear weapons.

    As long as there are nuclear weapons, governments will be hesitant to start wars with other countries. This seems counter intuitive, but countries with nuclear weapons know that starting wars might cause mass casualties to their people. Countries have to be smarter than war these days. They do not want to destroy their societies.

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