China now the worldwide leader in climate change reform: Does the United States need to change its policies to catch up?

  • Yes, the U.S. needs to catch up on climate change

    Yes, the United States needs to change its policies to catch up with China and other world leaders in climate change reform. Not only is it a global environmental crisis, but for those who don't care about the environment as much as their pocketbooks, it's time to look toward climate change technology and innovations in order to keep up economically.

  • No, I think the claim that China is the 'world leader' in climate change reform is dubious at best. China should work on changing its own policies before the US.

    I find the claim that China is a 'world leader' in climate change reform ironic, considering that headlines on burgeoning emissions and continual heavy pollution levels in China are almost a daily topic. Emissions in Shanghai and Beijing are among the worst in that country. The Chinese government regularly reports "good air" days in its own air quality index. But just this week, the US Embassy in Beijing posted that air quality is unhealthy at best, very unhealthy at worst, meaning that prolonged exposure to pollution poses significant health risks. Pollution levels, even in major US cities, are nonexistent compared to those seen in Chinese cities; while both countries definitely have a long way to go in reducing emissions, China should keep working on making and implementing its own policy changes.

  • Let China do the heavy lifing

    The amazing thing about "climate control" is that it isn't actually shown to do anything. Governments like to pretend they are all-powerful, but this simply isn't the case. Realistically, we're just pouring money down the drain trying to do anything to help at all. I'm glad to let China spend its money in this manner instead.

  • Climate Change is a Fiction

    Climate change is not to blame for changes in temperature, and the United States needs to protect the economy. Most of the countries that have bought into climate change want to impose economically restrictive programs. They want socialist economies. The United States has to make sure that its economy stays strong because the rest of the world won't look out for the world economy.

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