China: Obama should stop all legal action against and "consider letting go" Edward Snowden. Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

  • Edward Snowden Should Be Free

    Edward Snowden took documents from the NSA and provided them to the American media. The Espionage Act was created to stop people from supplying information to other countries, not the United States people. Americans had the right to know what information Snowden provided and I consider him a hero and always will. I believe he should not have to face legal problems because he did what was right.

  • Yes, the public does not support his prosecution.

    Yes, Obama should stop all legal action and consider letting Edward Snowden go, because the general public is mixed on the idea of an aggressive prosecution of Snowden. Some people think that he a traitor. Other people think that he was informing people of terrible things that the United States was doing. The government does not have the public support to harass him.

  • Snowden Will Never Set Foot on American Soil Again

    President Obama, and subsequent administrations, should let go of pursuing Edward Snowden on foreign soil. Arresting him will be an international incident. Suffice it to say, every INS agent at our borders will know to keep Snowden out and arrest him on sight. Charging him with crimes and waiting for Snowden to come back is enough. He obviously won't have access to NSA computers again, so what's the big deal in capturing him on foreign soil? Let Snowden be a fugitive so long as he stays away from the United States and its territories.

  • Snowden should be pardoned

    There are certain decisions that can define a person and define what they have done with their time on earth. Prosecuting Snowden, an activist and pursuer of justice, is something that should not be done. If Obama pardoned Snowden he would show that they are both men of integrity and save alot of problems.

  • What he did was very disobedient, but it was morally right.

    Snowden thought the people deserved to know what the government was doing to them. It was unethical and unjust. He should not be punished for telling the truth, even if he did swear to keep silent. I think the wrongdoer here is the NSA. They should not be invading the privacy of citizens.

  • Yes legal action should be stopped.

    Edward Snowden was not a spy. He was alerting Americans that the NSA was spying on us. The funny thing is that Snowden did not alert terrorists to anything they didn't already know. The terrorists are well aware of what the NSA does but the general public was not. Something is wrong with this picture and Snowden should not be prosecuted.

  • No, Snowden must be prosecuted.

    Edward Snowden should be prosecuted for espionage. We need to separate what Snowden did from what we feel. Yes, people may be highly disturbed that the government is spying, and be horrified to find out what the United States government has been doing. That being said, Snowden released classified information he had promised to keep a secret. So he really did break the law and commit a crime against his country's government. If we excuse what he did, it could set a dangerous precedent.

  • No, Edward Snowden should be punished.

    Edward Snowden should be sentenced to death for treason. He allowed his personal agenda and quest for fame to blind himself to his duty to his nation. Due to this act of treason he should be put to death. We should continue to pursue extraditing him regardless of what China thinks.

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