China "one child" policy: Can China's "one child" policy avoid racism?

  • How is it racist?

    I don't see how the one child policy is racist in any way. Now, it can be seen a sexist because so many female babies are abandoned, aborted, or other measures because Chinese families tend to want a boy. There is no way that the one child policy is racist.

  • Yes it can.

    I don't see where China's "one child" policy has any effects on racism. Sexism, maybe, because a boy is more important to them. They are all Chinese, so how could being limited to having one child have an effect on racism. So, no China's "one child" policy should not affect racism in any way.

  • China's One Child Policy Racist???

    The question is" Can China's "one child" policy avoid racism? This is a strange question to ask, it seems to me, because the one child policy pertains overwhelmingly to Chinese people living in China. Granted there are many sub-races, if you will, among the Chinese. But I have not heard anything to suggest that some of those are singled out for preferential or discriminatory treatment within the one child policy. I do not think the policy is RACIST. But is certainly is sexist because if new account are true it gives rise to girl babies being killed or let die so that the parents can have a boy.

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  • Nothing to do with racism

    I don't see how a one child policy is going to affect racism at all. Maybe a gender bias would be involved but not racism. One child or 5 children they are still of the same race. So no racism is not going to be affected at all by the one child policy.

  • China's One Child Policy Sexist

    While China's One Child policy isn't necessarily racist, it is completely sexist, which is unavoidable. China needs to further modify this program so that Chinese parents aren't getting rid of female newborns as soon as they're born. This is a widespread problem in China that won't go away any time soon.

  • Civil Rights Avoids Racism, Not a 'One Child' Policy

    Racism is based upon a race or ethnicity of people, not based upon how many children one has. If someone in China has more than one child and they are discriminated against, it's not racism as someone who has more than one child can be any ethnic minority in China across the entire country. The term would be familial discrimination, not racial discrimination.

  • You can legislate out racism. It depends on the views and beliefs of those in power that make the laws

    The one child policy can't avoid racism because it the policy is only as good as the people who are in power in the state. If a particular extremist group were to gain power in the Chinese state they could leverage the policy to make sure that people of a certain "undesirable" ethnicity could not reproduce, or be limited only to one child while other "preferred" groups could reproduce unhindered. This policy has already been implicitly enacted within Tibet where the oppression of the native tibetans is causing them to be displaced by Han Chinese who outnumber them.

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