China "one child" policy: Does China's "one child" improve gender equality?

  • China's 'One Child' Policy Improves Equality Overall

    China's "one child" policy improves equality overall in China because everyone can have just one child. It is sad that there can be couples without children at all or if there is more than one child they may have to give up the second one. In any event, everyone is equal under the law in that families can have only one child.

  • One child policy a good thing

    I think that Chinas one child policy to be a good thing. It makes it to where there is more gender equality in the country, there is also population control, and the children you do have are better cared for over there. Whereas in America people have tons of poorly cared for kids.

  • "when people hear the one-child policy they don't realize that it means 'every other child must die'"- Chai Ling, founder of all girls allowed

    If you are not certified, you cannot have a child. If you are not married, you cannot have a child. The chinese government dictates how many children you can have, and if you get pregnant or have a child without their permission, the consequences are dire. You could be fined five times an average famiy's income, you could loose your job, you could go to jail, loose your house, and the most disturbing: forced abortions and the illegal seizure of a child, male or female. Family planning officials are paid to keep population down, and if they don't, they risk loosing their jobs. So because boys are so valued over girls, parents are willing to do anything to make sure their one child is a boy. They abandon girls. Abort them. Abuse them. Neglect them. Sell them. Over 70 million people are trafficked within China each year. Most are young women and girls. China is the only country in the world were more women commit suicide than men. It is the most popular cause of death for young women in China. 4 girls die every minute. So if you are one of the 29% who say that the One Child policy improves gender equality, you are sadly mistaken.

    Posted by: OI
  • China's one child policy does not improve gender equality.

    China's one child policy has led to a gender imbalance. Today, there are more boys than girls because many families have aborted female fetuses. Rather than creating a gender imbalance, this has just resulted in more complicated gender relations in China. It is harder for men to find mates because of the uneven populations, and it has put more pressure on men to provide for their aging relatives.

  • China's "one child" does not improve gender equality.

    China's "one child" does not improve gender equality. It is morally wrong to have such a policy and should be ended. They are trying to control the population of their culture and in doing so I feel that they are wrong. Putting limits on births should not be left up to the government.

  • No it hurts gender equality

    China's one child policy actually hurts gender equality. If given the choice most of the population will pick a male. This causes females to be looked down on even more because there is no second chances. If they get a female they are unhappy and resentful towards their child because they can't have a boy.

  • China's "one child" policy only makes boys a more valuable asset to Chinese families.

    China's one child policy has caused the abandonment of millions of Chinese baby girls. In China, continuation of the male lineage is very important. When families have girls, they are tempted to abandon them in favor of trying again to have a boy. Although young women work in China, the cultural expectation is that they will quit their jobs to have a family once they get married.

  • No, not at all.

    Unfortunately, I think it does the exact opposite. Female embryos and fetuses are aborted, and female babies are abandoned. If you look through Chinese orphanages, there is an extreme disparity between male and female children there. The general thinking is that male children will grow up to take care of their families, and they are sort of more central. More important, even. So the vast majority of the time, if they can only have one, it will be the boy (fetus of live child) that "wins."

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