China "one child" policy: Is China's "one child" policy sensible?

  • It makes smart social sense.

    With over one billion citizens within its borders, China has tremendous operational stresses on its infrastructure. Feeding, clothing, and housing that many people within their political and economic system is a major undertaking. Once you understand that, I'm certain that you will agree with me that China's one child policy is very sensible.

  • It makes sense.

    The question at hand is whether it is sensible not illegal. It is sensible as far population control and for economic purposes. I have two children and they are expensive. Keep in mind also, China has far more people and wage laws there are different and lower. Also, It would help bridge a little gap between clases because it would have the same amoutn of expenses.

  • Nothing Sensible About It

    I do not believe China's one child policy is sensible at all. As a woman, I desire to have more children and I already have one child. I think it is unfair to restrict people to such a standardized rule. There are some women who don't want to have children, some that can't, and others that want to have many. Having children is a basic right.

  • China's "one child" policy is not sensible.

    China's "one child" policy is not sensible. I know that they are just trying to control the population but that should not be left up to any of the government. They have changed the rule that couples can now have two children if any of the spouses are only children themselves. The whole thing is very confusing and odd to me.

  • No, for many reasons.

    For one thing, most of the Chinese babies being had and saved from abortion and even worse are boy babies and now China is filled with an overabundance of young men who can not find wives which is bad for society. Also, it is just wrong to tell someone how many children are optimal for his or her family.

  • No, China's policy is not sensible.

    China's one child policy has led to people choosing to have boys. This has caused problems with girls being unwanted in China (and led to Chinese girls being aborted, and being adopted out of the country). China is now in a situation where boys outnumber girls. This type of situation where the population is so off will be very detrimental. There will be more men than there are women, which will lead to an imbalance, difficulty finding wives, etc. for the male population.

  • Yes and No but mostly No

    I can understand why that law is there and for a very good reason too, but I feel like this is very unfair for people who live there, all humans should have the same human rights, right? Then how come they can only have one child? I think they restrict people too much, there are other ways to sorting this problem, there must be.

  • People should be free to do what they want

    You cannot regulate people's families like that. People should be free to have families as they wish with no interference from the government. Especially if the parents are supporting their children with no government help. How can you stop people from having kids if they want them? It is their right to procreate.

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