China "one child" policy: Is the policy fair to Chinese citizens, rights?

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  • Other consequences would have been worse

    If there was no one child policy, is was highly likely that there would be another famine, which the government knew was not good at all. Yes, bad consequences came, but it was what was needed and was the best way to tackle the baby boom after the first famine, and it worked successfully- there wasn't another famine!!

  • The government in controll

    The people should be able to have as many kids they want but they should us parent control so, they don't have that much babies or condom. Its not the governments fault that they Chinese people hands on with each other. That is my opinion and should be yours if you like my comment replay back

  • No matter who you are, you still could only have 1 child

    It makes sense that to control population, force EVERYONE to only have 1 child, this is fair! Yes it is bad that some children (girls) were left to die on the streets but it reduced the population change from 1.9 in 1950 to 0.7, this helped the rest of the world too!

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  • "Cruel" 1 Child Policy Effort to Control Population

    About China's "one child" policy, do you think it is fair to Chinese citizens, rights? The one child policy is not a violation of the rights of Chinese citizens. It is an effort to keep the burgeoning population down in a country where the high number of people threatens every person's welfare and the future generations' ability to have food, shelter, and grow old in a healthy way without being poisoned by industrial and agricultural pollution. Certainly this policy does cut to the quick, make some leave the country, and causes others to respond by cheating and having another child anyway even though there is a fine. But maybe it is better than starving to death or knowing that your children certainly will.

  • Denser cities, or massive urban sprawl, would be far better way to accommodate the growing Chinese population. If cramped people can multiply, then LET THEM

    It would make far more sense, for China to just grow denser and denser. There is no need for lies nor NWO criminal elitists trying to "control" the natural world population growth.

    Surely there must be some way for parents to enjoy going on and having their precious darling babies, in a world of now so many billions. Aha! But there is. Where can we put more billions? Where we always have. In between all the people already living. What we need is NOT population "control," but rather, a denser planet, for the good of individuals, and the good of the many.

    Encourage large families worldwide, so that more and more people can experience life.

  • China's one child policy fairness

    While I do understand the population crisis that faces China. I do not think it is fair to be told that you are only allowed to have one child by the government. How many children you choose to have is a personal decision people should be able to base on their own reasoning. I think many parents would like to have more than one child, only children tend to be more selfish, because they have not learned early on to socialize and relate to other children. Not that being an only child is wrong... Just that children who have siblings seem to be able to get along well with others , in my opinion.

  • It's wrong to prevent life

    Too many people were denied life because of the one child policy so I am happy its been removed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • China "one child" policy: The policy is not fair to Chinese citizens, rights.

    China "one child" policy: The policy is not fair to Chinese citizens, rights. I think that it is wrong for the government of China to try to control the population as they see fit. Limiting parents to just one child or two if the parents come from a single family is just wrong.

  • It doesn't help.

    No, China's one child policy is not fair to Chinese citizens, because they should be allowed to have the kids that they want to have. It also results in a large amount of abortions that hurt girls. Population is a good thing, if people are left to earn their own living. They can be contributors to society and that is a good thing.

  • No, the one-child policy in China is not fair to citizens' rights.

    I do not believe that the one-child policy in China is fair to the rights of the citizens there. While it is understandable why such a policy exists in the first place, it is an injustice to a lot of the people who want more than one child. Unfortunately, it is something that is necessary to the nation.

  • Just one child?!

    Even though I do not live in China, obviously, I can not help but feel for them regarding the "one child" policy. I completely understand that each country has its own sets of laws and regulations; however, I feel a family should have the right to bare as many children as they wish.

  • Government Is In Control

    I do not believe that China's one child policy is fair to the citizens. I believe the one child policy ignores basic human rights to procreate. What is suitable for one family may not be suitable for another. Living conditions can vary as well, without there being a problem. I think it is wrong for any government to attempt to control the population in such a way.

  • One Child Policy? More like favour boys over girls!!!

    As a result of the one child policy there are 24 million more boys than girls. China's birth control policy, known widely as the one-child policy, was implemented in 1979 by chairman Mao Zedong's government to alleviate the overpopulation problem. Having more than one child is illegal and punishable by fines. The Voice of America critics argue that it contributes to forced abortions, human rights violations, female infanticide, abandonment and sex-selective abortions, believed to be relatively commonplace in some areas of the country. This is thought to have been a significant contribution to the gender imbalance in China, where there is a 118:100 ratio of male to female children reported. Forced abortions and sterilizations have also been reported.

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