China seizes opportunity to downplay U.S. after elections: Do world leaders look at the U.S. as weak now?

  • How can they not

    We look about as foolish as post-Brexit Britain. We the people chose an uninformed, celeb-demagogue who spouted sexism, racism, and made fun of the handicapped. He's about as shallow a candidate as you can get. He has no experience and is going to be woefully unprepared for the actual work of governing. His team will be making policy and we're screwed, so of course China and Russia are going to be feeling pretty good about themselves.

  • Yes, they do.

    The US is about to be run by an idiot. It is time to start stockpiling resources. Maybe we will be lucky and checks and balances will save us. But like Bush and the stupid, damaging patiriot act and no child left behind laws, this is highly unlikely and he will do damage.

  • Yes, most likely.

    I think that most of the world does see the U.S. as weak now, which is ironic, considering that a lot of Trump's supporters believed that he would make America strong because of his tough words. The reality, however, is that he has no experience and is easily offended and easily distracted, meaning that he can probably be easily manipulated by more experienced and mentally stable world leaders, and they all know this.

  • They know Trump is a leader.

    China is downplaying the U.S. election result because they do not like it. They know that Trump is not going to tolerate human rights abuses in China. They know that Trump is not going to tolerate trade deficits with China. They just wanted Clinton to win because Clinton would have looked the other way.

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