China should slow its economic growth in favor of the environment: Should China slow its economic growth in favor of the environment?

  • Yes they should

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  • China should take steps to be environmentally friendly

    China's accelerated economic growth has resulted in higher levels of air, water and soil pollution. While the Chinese economy has become strong, the environment has become damaged. Air quality can be extremely poor. People wear masks out in the city streets. If there are no restrictions on pollution, eventually the damage will become so severe it can't be reversed. There may be was for China to create environmental reclamation jobs that can still support the growing economy and at the same time help undo some of the damage industry has done.

  • China its still a poor country and its economic growth s too important.

    Differently from Western countries China is having to face the consequences of its growth before achieving great development. In order for a country to enforce an extensive environmental policy, t needs a strong economy to be based upon. If we try to stop the development of China, it might never recover again losing too much money in expensive environmental policies. The main polluter is energetic industry which can not be slowed down at this tie when every kind of activity in China requires greater and greater amounts of energy.

  • No, China should now slow down its economic growth in favor of the environment

    If China did slow down their growth in favor of the environment this would cause the whole world to slow down. The whole world is so dependent on trade with China that even if they slowed down by 1% it would have a huge global impact. What China should do instead is think of alternatives to improve the overall envirnment in retrospect with its rate of growth.

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