China spends $1.5 billion pampering pets: Do you think the Chinese overindulge their pets?

  • Yes, I believe the Chinese are overindulging their pets

    Yes, I believe the Chinese are overindulging their pets. $1.5 billion could be used to do so many more things. If that was donated to a charity, we could be much closer to curing world hunger, or curing cancer, or curing whatever the money was put towards. That is way too much money to be spending on pampering anyone, never mind pets.

  • Overindulging in pets

    Oh yes I agree that the Chinese people over indulge in their pets. If they spend that much on their pets for things that they do not need. Thing s like expensive collars, food bowls, and things that the animals themselves care nothing about. All they need is food and shelter and medical treatment.

  • China pampers animals

    Considering the rules and regulations on having children, boys verus girls, etc., the amount of money the Chinese spends on animal pampering is absurd. If they spent this money on education, etc. for women, it would be more beneficial. The Chinese do have their weird quirks though, so I guess this is to be expected.

  • Consider China's population

    China's population is at 13 billion. 1.5 billion is less than a dollar per person. I wouldn't say 1.5 billion is a small amount, but divided by the number of pet owners in China (also considering some owners may have more than one pet), the amount spent by each owner is appropriate and reasonable.

  • That's a low amount

    That's a low amount of money for pet pampering. Considering how many people there are in China, I would say that they are not actually pampering, but getting them a few toys and a nice collar. I bet Americans spend more than the Chinese on pet pampering goods in any given year.

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