• Climate change is real and caused by humans.

    There is a 97% consensus. 150,000 humans die annually according to the WHO, World Health Organization. Glacier volume is down. Co2 is at the highest in 800,000 years, the temperature is up 1.7F, acidification of the oceans, cooling up high and heating down low, the C14 from fossil fuels, and many more lines of evidence.

  • Climate change is not a hoax.

    Climate change is becoming more and more of a problem that we humans need to fix. For Donald Trump to deny that climate change is real it means that he is also denying the disastrous effects that climate change brings. China is right to say that climate change is VERY real. Trump needs to start addressing the elephants in the room instead of ignoring them.

  • Yes, the Earth's climate has changed throughout history.

    Yes, climate is real and its effect are felt on a day to day basis. Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner. The potential future effects of global climate change include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions and an increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms.

  • Yes it is .

    Climate change is real. It is an undeniable fact. The polar ice caps have already started melting and droughts and famines are occurring because of the change. Unseasonably warm weather is becoming more and more common. The truth is that it is almost too late to stop it or slow it down.

  • Yes, climate change is undeniable

    China is correct to tell Trump that climate change is real. Virtually all reputable scientists across the globe agree that climate change is a reality. A small minority of scientists continued to be skeptical for some time, but most of those scientists have since changed their minds. When Trump denies climate change, he is denying science.

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very true. I agree with China about climate change aspect. Climate change is actually real and Trump should start taking this into his head. The scientist have tried to talk him into this matter but in vain. We understand that he does not believe in climate change, but he should start believing.

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