China tells Trump not to sneer at climate change: Will Trump heed their advice?

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  • No, Trump won't listen.

    No, I don't think that Trump will heed China's advice to not sneer at climate change. First, Trump doesn't have a high opinion of China. Second, Trump has an even lower opinion of scientists who warn of climate change. In everything that he's said, Trump is a climate change denier. So no, I don't think Trump will listen to warnings.

  • Trump Does What He Wants; China Means Nothing to Him

    Donald Trump is a man who lives in a world where the most important person is, Donald Trump. As leader of the United States (or even not as leader), any nation on this Earth could give Donald Trump advice, and he would still follow his own volition. The entire country of China could will that Trump do something, and Trump would still only do what he wants to do. Trump does not believe in climate change. He will act accordingly. China will not change his mind on this. The entire world could not change Donald Trump's mind on this. Donald Trump does what Donald Trump wants, especially as president of the United States.

  • No, Trump will not likely heed the advice of China in regards to climate change

    No, Trump will not likely heed the advice of China in regards to climate change. Trump seems to be set on believing whatever he wants. He does not listen to many people unless they are telling him what he wants to hear or how it will benefit him. China is not likely an exception.

  • No, Trump will not heed their advice.

    No, Trump will not heed their advice if it means that he will have to give up valuable resources to help the planet. He would rather have his businesses make money. If fighting climate change hurts his businesses, he will not do a thing about it. That is the state of this country.

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