China: Will the United States be surpassed as the world's biggest spender in 2015?

  • More Than Likely

    I would like to think that some American people have come to realize that there is nothing beneficial about buying items that we don't really need. American people have an abundance of items we don't need. We are over advertised too and encouraged to spend every dime we make, plus more on credit. We don't have a sustainable economy because of this and I think it would be better if we worked past it rather than hold onto a title we shouldn't want in the first place.

  • China Will Not Spend Like the USA

    The United States has dug itself into a pit of debt from which it may not recover. China will surpass the wealth of the United States but will not surpass their spending until politicians in the USA are cut off by their creditors both foreign and domestic. A countries spending is not a sign of strength, but rather their ability to responsibly invest and limit spending in a controlled manner that the United States abandoned long ago.

  • The U.S. and It's Financial Problems

    With the cost of living going up and the increasing amount of aging people and people in need, the U.S. will be the biggest spender in 2015. I believe a lot of the spending comes from people trying to beat the system and fraud. I understand that people need help financially but there are other ways to earn income besides getting "handouts" from the government. The government is doing their best to help those in need however they to change some of their policies in the near future. If not, the U.S. will continue to be in debt or possibly bankrupt in the next 50 years.

  • United States Wins

    I don't think China or anyone else will surpass the U.S as the biggest spender. I just can't see it, despite the huge difference in population. The U.S has always taken the lead and despite the recent struggles in the economy I believe a full recovery is on the cards.

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Preston says2014-07-28T18:00:55.420
Your article isn't about spending