China's Baby Hatch: Is it fair to penalize Chinese parents for abandoning their children, with the one-child rule in place?

  • China people should be responsible for their actions.

    Same goes with family dog, when our family dog was getting old, we look after our family elderly dog after she has been guard us all her life, do you think we should dump her at the shelter? So no shit right... Haiz
    all the people supporting are all wrong...

  • Absolutely! They are the parents!

    They know the law. They have control over their bodies. If they don't have access to birth control then REFRAIN from sex!!!! The government isn't inseminating them. The question is not do I agree with the one child law. The question is are the parents responsible. YES. It is THEIR child

  • Chinese parents should be held accountable for their actions.

    Yes, Chinese parents should be penalized for abandoning their children. The parents know of the one-child rule that is in place in China. They should take appropriate measures to prevent conception if they do not want to be in violation of the rule. Not abiding by the rule should not release them from caring for children they have in violation of the law. Allowing them to abandon the children without punishment nullifies the purpose of having the one-child rule.

  • China should legalize putting your children up for adoption and then it would be fair

    In China unlike almost every other country putting your children up for adoption is illegal. Make that legal and couples abandoning their children will drop. Parents who don't have what it takes or who do not want to be parents shouldn't have to be, more so for the sake of the children than the parents. Children are not served when stuck with parents who don't want them. Let the parents put them up for adoption if that is what they choose.

  • No, Chinese parents should not be penalized for following the law of the one-child rule.

    No, parents following the one-child rule should not be penalized for their actions. Although it is understandable with the size and population constrictions in China that such a rule needed to be put in place, it is the families within China that are feeling the hurt and burden. Without knowing each and every situation personally, no one should make any assumptions as to why a family would have more children or why they would make the choices they have to regarding which is the viable child to keep.

  • No, they shouldn't be penalized.

    I think if you are only allowed one child then you should no be penalized if your birth control fails or something else causes an unexpected pregnancy. You should not be forced to have an abortion if you do not want one. I think this policy is absurd and it is deplorable that there even has to be baby hatches.

  • No, abandoning your child is wrong regardless of the fine

    The one child policy is designed to encourage families to take steps to prevent becoming pregnant with additional children, lest they pay a fine. If someone fails to do so and has a second child, abandoning that child to avoid a monetary penalty is reprehensible and should be punished regardless of the rule.

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