China's "Good Samaritan" Insurance: Should more be done to stop elderly scammers?

  • With greater digital presence, the elderly are becoming a more prominent target.

    We joke about it all the time with cellphones, the internet, and other new technologies: the elderly are "behind the times" and flabbergasted by technology. We are no longer living in a world where the people trying to wrong you were the ones next to you (i.e. those you encounter in person). Now, attackers are online, and they are targeting the elderly. It makes sense - they are easy targets. Law enforcement must make a concentrated effort for both awareness and enforcement of exploitation.

  • They are vulnerable.

    For as long as there have been senior citizens, there have been people that are willing to take advantage of them. In the end, the politicians do not have the motivation to do much about it. They receive payments from the people exploiting others, and they look the other way.

  • Yes, this is a shameful practice.

    Most cultures hold elders in high esteem due to their accomplishments. China and many other Asian countries hold especially true to this. However, the fact that elderly citizens are purposely putting themselves in harm's way in order to accuse innocent bystanders is horrible. China is in the right for providing insurance for this, but the elders should be put to task as well.

  • This is absolutely abusrd behaviour being exhibited by the elderly.

    There is so much fear of being sued these days that people are losing their sense of compassion. There was a time when it was an automatic response to help someone in need. We have insurance offered for nearly everything today. Apparently, now we need it to protect ourselves from doing the right thing.

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