China's new laser cannon shoots down drones: Is China becoming a leader in military weapons technology?

  • Not becoming, Has been

    China has always been leaders in new technology. But it is becoming more and more evident that China is a world leader in weapons technologies. Being that China has enormous wealth and resources they must advance weapons technology in accordance with other world leaders in war. All the superpowers, weapons, technologies will advance.

  • China's New Laser Cannon is Cutting Edge Military Technology.

    Drones are the most advanced weapon being used by any army in the current age. Being able to shoot down drones is therefore the most sophisticated military defense possible. Having any laser cannon would be impressive, but having one that is so effective it can shoot drones out of the sky is breathtaking.

  • Yes, China is Becoming A Leader in Military Weapons Technology

    China is continuing to push the envelop when it comes to developing their military weapons technology. It actually all starts with how they educate the younger generations and have them working on complex projects at very early ages. They have developed a laser cannon capable of shooting down drones. A lot of people worked hard to develop drones and they are already becoming obsolete.

  • With China's leaps and bounds in the technological world, it's no surprise that they're leading in military weapons.

    China is one of the most highly advanced countries in the world. Their technology surpasses most other countries, so it should be no surprise that their military technology is reaching the lengths that it is. The United States has been in an arms race with Russia for sixty years and, because of this, we've been giving limited attention to China, who has been able to leap and bound forward with their technology. There's no doubt that they'll continue to expand and develop weapons that no one has seen before, faster than anyone can keep up with. By the end of the decade, they'll be the main threat to the world with their high-tech military weapons technology.

  • Haha NO... Well At least not yet

    , As of 2013 the military budget of the Chinese military is $112.2 billion, The United States military budget is $600.4 billion. Current developing weapons in the U.S. Are electromagnetic guns (rail guns), orbital bombardment platforms, the F-22 raptor (the Chinese are still decades from creating something that is a technological match for it)
    And a prime example of american technological superiority would be the Ford class aircraft carrier, from the nuclear reactors to electromagnetic catapults systems designed to hurl aircraft into the air to the integrated anti-air warfare system, american carries represent a showcase of technologies the Chinese have yet to master.

  • No, Still US

    A laser cannon is advanced technology worth noticing, but 9 times out of ten, the US has more powerful weaponry in the dark than any other nation. The odds are good that the US military has already developed a laser cannon, and depending on which conspiracy theory you subscribe to, they have also developed a particle cannon, which melts or disintegrates targets.

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