China's plan to cut meat consumption by 50% cheered by climate campaigners. Will the Chinese follow the plan?

  • Yes, China will follow plan to reduce meat consumption

    The population of China is familiar with following the restrictions of its government, such as limiting the number of children that couples can have. And reduced meat consumption is one way that everyone can help the environment. China was more population than the U.S, but Americans consume more meat per person so we all need to make changes. It is also a healthier way to live if we reduce meat consumption.

  • Yes, China is in dire need of change.

    China will follow through with their plan to cut meat consumption. Being one of the largest populations and having major problems with pollution, this seems an achievable goal. Though it may take some steps to get there, it is only in their best interest to find a way to lessen the footprint left from such an immense population.

  • No, the Chinese are not likely to follow the plan.

    China's plan to cut meat consumption by 50% will be difficult for the nation to implement. China's economy has become much more free market over the past few decades. Furthermore, many western restaurants that serve lots of meat have opened in China; becoming quite popular with its citizens. Therefore, it will be difficult for the country to curtail meat consumption by such a substantial amount. In short, the Chinese will most likely not follow the plan.

  • China plans to cut meat consumption, but don't celebrate just yet

    Meat is one of the most climate-destroying industries we have: it takes a lot of time and energy to do it, particularly when raising cows. China is attempting to cut back on this practice by reducing their meat consumption by a whopping 50%. I doubt they will accomplish this: they've promised to take preventative measures against climate change before, but haven't followed through.

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