Chinese billionaire moves manufacturing to U.S. to lower costs: Is American manufacturing going to experience a comeback?

  • American manufacturing is already experiencing a comeback.

    Over the past five years, America has experienced a reversal of the off-shore manufacturing trend. As wages have risen in places such as China, the United States is beginning to look like a competitive option again. The American workforce and infrastructure has a good reputation overseas and this has contributed to the influx of American manufacturing jobs opening up again.

  • Yes, China and other countries will shift manufacturing to the United States.

    The demand for goods in China and other population-dense nations exceeds their ability to produce these goods cost-efficiently. Therefore, manufacturing will necessarily shift back to the United States, adding jobs and sparking further growth that will continually fuel the cycle. Americans should see manufacturing levels spike to 1940's heights and beyond.

  • There are fewer barriers.

    After the revolution of the early 1900s that brought industry to the United States, there was a great deal of regulation that came in. After that, a lot of manufacturing moved to other places overseas because there were fewer regulations. Now, Trump is going to remove these barriers and get America manufacturing again.

  • No, more needs to be done.

    Chinese billionaire moving manufacturing to U.S. to lower cost is not an indication that manufacturing is going to experience a comeback. A lot needs to be done and the main thing is to review government policies that are stringent and prohibitive to manufacturing, This policies make products less competitive in the market and that's where China has an upper hand.

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