Chinese home buyers in the United States: Will Chinese demand for US property help the United States economy to recover?

  • Real Estate Market needs help

    Undoubtedly the United States economy can benefit from an increase in real estate sales. Demand from Chinese home buyers may very well prove to be a catylyst for increasing sales and jumpstarting the seriously flagging economy. The demand from Chinese home buyers is a good thing for the U.S economy.

  • Chinese Home Buyers Won't Help Economy to Recover

    Chinese home buyers, on their own, won't help the United States economy recover because they're purchasing the wrong types properties. They're going after mega properties that cost millions of dollars, but the economy won't be boosted until less valuable properties are purchased in droves. More buying of lower priced properties is necessary for success and recovery.

  • No, Chinese home buyers will not help the US economy to recover.

    The increase in American properties being purchased by Chinese home buyers is not good news for the US economy. The Chinese economy is booming at the moment but like every boom of it's nature it has the potential to go bust rapidly. The US housing market could suffer greatly if the Chinese economy has any problems at all causing a knock on effect.

  • No, Chinese home buyers in the United States will not help our economy.

    No, Chinese home buyers in the United States will not help the United States economy to recover. I believe that much like second home owners who purchase vacation homes and do not get involved in their second home towns, Chinese home buyers in the United States have no vested interest in contributing to the greater economy of this nation beyond the purchase of their get-away home. Studies show that Chinese purchasers of homes in the United States are among the richest, and although they are able to afford their purchases easily, they are loyal to their homeland. Their goal is personal, not altruistic.

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