Chinggis Khan at Madam Tussauds: Should Chinggis Khan be immortalized at Madam Tussauds?

  • Yes, I think so. It is history of Mongolians.

    On the occasion of 90th anniversary of Mongolian theatrical artwork to create paraffin or silicone figures of Mongolia’s great Khaans started under the project ‘King of Kings’. The ‘Wax of Chinggis Khaan’ exhibition consisting of Mongolia’s famous top 13 nobilities in the XIII Century opened at the exhibition hall of the Theatre Museum. Wax figures of famous Mongolians are immortalized in history such as Mother Ooluun, Chinggis Khaan, Burte queen, their four sons, as well as Chinggis Khaan’s brave generals Boorchi, Zev, Jamukha, Mukhulai, Khasar and Zelme are displayed at the Museum.

  • Yes, we must remember all of our history - including the darker corners of it.

    Even though the wax statues ad Madam Tussauds are seen as tacky by some, or merely tourist attractions - they can serve as reminders of people, places, and times that are slowly being forgotten. Chinggis Khan may have been a violent, ruthless ruler who conquered and pillaged many lands. The very nature of Madam Tussauds is to be an absurd, yet still relevant, reminder of people. Furthermore the juxtaposition of Chinggis and Elvis may stir some interesting conversations, thereby keeping his story and the associates history alive.

  • Yes, he was an important part of history.

    Yes, Chinggis Khan should be immortalized at Madam Tussauds. Although he was responsible for the deaths of a huge number of people, Chinggis Khan still deserves to be immortalized in wax at the museum due to his immense impact on history. He created one of the world's largest empires during his life.

  • Most tourists don't know him.

    Chinggis Khan is important in the region that he lived. He is important to his followers. However, most of the people that go to Madam Tussauds are American. They want to see icons of American culture. Chinggis Kahn just isn't that well known in the United States. They should stick with people who are in entertainment.

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