• Vegetarians will love Chipotle delivery and make it last.

    There are very few good, fast places for vegetarian food, much less any delivery. If Chipotle is smart enough to offer delivery, vegetarians are really going to take them up on it for food like bean burritos. It will catch on with lots of people hoping for variety with delivery food, but the vegetarian opportunity will make it last.

  • Chipotle's delivery will last.

    People sometimes want to eat from a resturant and do not want to go out. It is a great help sometimes to be able to phone in for food and have it delivered to your home.I think as long as the deliveries do not take to long that people will continue to order delivery because it is a convienence.

  • Chipotle's Delivery System Will Last

    Chipotle offers good, tasty food at reasonable prices, and it has been proven that people love the convenience of home food delivery. Families and other groups of people will particularly appreciate this option because Chipotle has a varied menu that will be sure to have something to please each person.

  • I think its a great idea and others could follow suit

    I think that Chipotle's delivery idea is a good one. This is something that pizza places have been doing for years, so why not other fast food as well. I am hoping that this takes off the point where other fast food chains decide to follow suit and want to have a delivery service as well. It does give more customers when you think about it.

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Stefy says2015-04-24T22:12:51.723
Chipolte does delivery?! Yes!
Tumblrnatic says2015-04-25T07:28:10.317
Should it come to england? YES