Chipotle's Burrito Promotion: Is eating vegetarian worth the hassle?

  • It is not a hassle

    You don't have to take special pills to get your vitamins and minerals to be healthy just to be a vegetarian. You don't have to travel to some magical world to buy food because you can get it at the same supermarkets that everyone else goes to. You still can go for dinner with friends because most places have options {Even a café called Pig and Whistle has options and it has Pig in the name}. Family and friends are not burdened by having to make macaroni and cheese {without adding meat} so everyone can have some.

  • Yes, of Course

    Better Health: Vegetables and grains will replace meat; those foods provide protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that meat cannot.
    Economy: Meat is a costly food. While animals can convert grass to protein, most animals consumed today are fed crops which could provide more people with more food if marketed as food

  • Eating Vegatrian is not worth the hasstle.

    Unless your truly know what you are doing and are smart about your daily diet such as iron you really could be putting yourself at short term and long term risk. According to Web md doctors say do not do it when under 18. Studies over decades have showed that without eating meat the diet can bring about eating patterns lower blood ... among farmers and plantation workers contribute to increased health risks

  • No, it is not.

    don't have a moral reason for wanting to avoid meat, so for me, it would not be worth the hassle. I don't want to worry about my vitamin intake or ask for special meals at holidays or out to resturants. But for some people it is ver clearly worth the hassle.

  • Not to get a free burrito

    If you are not a person who likes that sort of thing then you are basically paying for a burrito you don't like or want to get a free burrito of your preffered flavor. I would rather just pay for 2 burritos that I know I am going to enjoy eating.

  • No, eating vegetarian is not worth the hassle.

    There are a number of reasons that individuals choose to eat a vegetarian diet. Some are social and political, others economic, and others moral or political. But whatever the reason, going vegetarian can be a real hassle, not just for you but for those around you, who must worry themselves with being able to find you something to eat. Get over yourself and have a burger.

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