• Yes, Chipotle should be held accountable

    Chipotle should be accountable for its cover-up of the recent Norovirus outbreak. Consumers should be able to trust that the food a business offers is safe to eat. When a company has knowingly concealed its failure to take proper measures to ensure food safety, legal action is reasonable and justified. A fair and successful suit would send the message that the food industry has a responsibility toward public health and public trust.

  • Yes, Chipotle shoudl be sued

    It is simple to understand that a person should take responsibility to his fault. The same theory should be applied to enterprises and businesses. It is a mistake if you admit it and try to fix it, but it becomes a severe lie or even crime if you try to cover what you did wrongly. And that should be punished. Chipotle made mistake in doing their business, but they tried to cover it up, and they turned up a liar that tried to cheat their customers. They should be sued, and received punishment.

  • Chipotle should absolutely be sued for covering up the danger

    I think it is a disgrace that a company like Chipotle can act like that so dangerously to the well-being of the population as to cover up the facts that some of their food can make people sick. If there are dead people or even more sick people, I think they should really be sued.

  • Chipotle should be sued for cover up of Norovirus

    As a public food chain with health standards to follow, Chipotle should hold people's health to the highest of priorities. If there is an issue with their food and possible connection to an outbreak such as the Norovirus, then they should disclose any and all information regarding the situation. Any restaurant who attempts to cover this up should be sued, since many people continued to eat at these establishments without knowledge of a possible sickness.

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