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  • I don't think so

    I don't expect Chiranjeevi to become a household name because at the moment he is still only big in India. The U.S. market is massive and not that many people become household names. He may get a bit of the spotlight and some fame but I see no reason why he would become famous enough to be classed as a household name amongst the American people.

  • Chiranjeevi Will not become a household name in the United States

    Chiranjeevi Will never become a household name in the United States unless and until what ever Country or culture that name originated from becomes the leading culture in the United States. Until that time, names like John or Robert or Lisa will continue to be the mainstream naming conventions used.

  • I don't believe Chiranjeevi will become a household name in the US

    I have personally never heard of the actor called Chiranjeevi. I had to look up the name online. I can't imagine him becoming a household name unless someone like Dave Letterman starts using the name Chiranjeevi as a joke like he did with Boutros Boutros Ghali. Chiranjeevi may land some roles in movies or television but I don't see him becoming a huge star.

  • There is enough American culture.

    Chiranjeevi will not become a household name because Americans don't often show interest in culture from other countries. Chiranjeevi is popular in India, but there's not a lot of Indian pop culture that makes its way to the United States. India is far away from the United States geographically, so there's not a lot of overlap.

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