• We should all be knights.

    Magnesium armor should be free for everyone. Okay maybe not free but given as a reward every time someone finishes college. Steel armor should be affordable and sold in regular clothing shops. Titanium armor should be primarily issued to military scouts but still available for civilians. All supportive soldiers(sappers and medics) should have medium armor that protects against most physical attacks plus protection against poison gas. The politicians should have maxed armor with exo limbs, Blast protection, Sniper protection, Assault rifle protection, SMG protection, Sledgehammer protection, Great sword protection, Mine protection, Fire protection.

  • Yes but it has to be modern

    Imagine knights with chainsaws, Utility knives, Flaming weapons, Frozen weapons, Electrified weapons, Composite armor, Alloy armour, Titanium armour, Magnesium armour, Power drills, Motorcycles, Quad bikes, Electric bicycles, Headlights, Radio communication, Oobleck armour, Kevlar armour, Bunkers, Wrenches, Shovels, Pickaxes. It would be better for the environment, Practical because you don't have to transport ammuniton all the time and you could survive a lot more attacks.

  • Why does chivalry have to be sexist?

    As I understand it chivalry was/is an informal and varying code of conduct regarding war, Polite society, Honor, Moral, Ethical, Virtues.
    If someone codified a 'modern chivalric set of codes, I don't see why it would 'have to be sexist. Or why women or men 'both couldn't be knights and follow it.

  • Chivalry may be sexist, But it is a polite form

    I support the fact that women want equality. I can understand when a women don't want to be treated different. Although all of us human beings are diverse. Chivalry is basically just a polite way of showing gratitude to women for being in our life, For making sacrifices, And a form of apology for social evil in the past that happened against women. Although if a woman wouldn't prefer it as a male you should and do what you are told.

  • Absolutely it is a good thing

    The code of chivalry is an excellent set of rules to live by fighting fair obeying GOD and respecting women it is a honorable way to live women deserve to be protected from everything not just physical harm but harm from stress as well

    Women are the caregivers and ones who have babies they deserve to be respected and protected

  • Benevolent sexism is better than the alternative.

    I won't beat around the bush. Chivalry is sexist. But, It is a polite form of sexism that honors women and respects them as the fairer sex. Ladies, What would you prefer? A man treating you with excess respect or beating you up and treating you as if you are of a lesser worth? It is a man's duty to protect women and he may exalt her status as a woman by performing tasks for her. We know women are capable of carrying luggage and opening doors but our job as men is to make life easier for you and those tasks are easier for us.

  • There are many problems with chivalry.

    I think the problem with chivalry is that it often comes from a place of entitlement to reciprocation of something. Chivalry rarely comes without some sort of expectation. And if it does come from a place of little to no expectation, What is that place? That women are better? That women are weaker and in need of constant assistance. One is a place of undue worship, And the other is insulting. So the other place it can come from is respect. But this is not a respect we would show a man. And that is a problem. It implies that women are more worthy of respect than men. I do not believe this to be the case. They are not less worthy, But certainly not more worthy. So it cannot happen from a place that is not dishonest or insulting to someone. At the very least it makes me feel good about themselves and as though they have made some kind of gesture. No. It's not good. If one holds a door for a woman but closes it in a man's face, He is a dick, Plain and simple because it shows that his kindness to humanity is conditional. Now being a gentleman is different than being chivalrous. It implies that this conduct is universal and will be extended to any in need. That is respectable. But kindness that is conditional upon a person's possession or lack of a vagina is not. Ultimately if a person wants to be chivalrous to women, That's fine, But don't act like it makes you special, Because that is more about your ego than it is about the woman or any perceived slight. It is the problem with damsel's in distress. A man's badassness is often shown by amplifying a woman's helplessness or neediness. If your only sense of value is that you rise to a woman's honor every f***ing time she gets insulted, Then I kind of feel bad for you. But I think what is more concerning is the white knight problem. All of these men running around looking to save the day, But it is more about them than it is about the women. Their ego and their worth as a man. And these white knights will often be ready to spill blood over mere words. I mean if someone is actually trying to harm a woman, Then kick their ass, But you are not a badass if you wouldn't do the same for a dude in need. Just an opportunistic egotistical f**k. The whole idea plays into the value that men have culturally as well. People raised with this idea that chivalry is thier value are likely more likely to fight to impress women and to see thier value based on a woman's needs. I say f**k that shit. Men have value that is not dependent upon women.

  • Chivalry is dead.

    Noooo, It’s unconsciously patronizing and pictures women as helpless. It barely exists anyways and thank god for that.

    1)Women don’t need men to walk on the side of the road facing the traffic. We can take a bit of mid just as much as you can.

    2)Women don’t need a coat covering a puddle so that they don’t have to walk in it. We’re not stupid, We can either go around it or jump over it.

    3)We don’t need anyone to open a door for us. That’s something three year olds know how to do.

    4)If you’re a cop and there’s a serial killer women threatening the lives of kids, Would you not shoot her because she’s a woman?

    5)We can stand up for ourselves. If we get into an argument, We don’t need a big, Muscular, Man to save the day (unless it’s physical and I’m losing).

    6)Paying the dinner bill. That just makes a woman feel like she can’t provide for herself. You can just take turns paying.

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