• Very interesting argument.

    I really don't like either. I am not much of a chocolate fan but I do like Kit Kat's and other candies that you eat with the chocolate. Rainbow sprinkles are really gross! They have zero taste to them. I hate sprinkles on any thing! Ice cream, cupcakes, cake, even on icing. I might seem weird but chocolate is a delight for everyone no matter how much you don't like it. You just have to give it a try. You can't feel relaxed when you lay down and you're eating sprinkles!! You feel relaxed eating chocolate!!!!!! By the way you can get obese by to much of everything. If you eat in moderation, I think you should be fine.

    Posted by: zz71
  • Chocolate is better

    The problem with rainbow sprinkles is that they end up being a disappointment. When I see bright colors I would expect there to be a fruity flavor attached to that item, but with rainbow sprinkles this is not the case. The added colors come with no added flavor. Another issue arises later on in the ice cream process. Once the ice cream starts to melt all of the color from the sprinkles begins to run. This leaves a soupy, colorful, generally unappealing mess in the bottom of my ice cream bowl. With chocolate sprinkles you get what you expect. A basic, favorites topping that adds a bit of crunch to any bowl of ice cream.

  • NO!! Not at all

    Chocolate is one of the main reasons why children are obese . Also chocolate melts and so lets say that you and your friends brought some chocolate that you guys had planed to eat afterwards. This chocolate will be melted by the time schools over and then you'll be hungry and wished you had something to eat. In conclusion, sprinkles are better because they are a small treat that won't get damaged when you carry in around

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