Chomsky: Obama administration is “dedicated to increasing terrorism." Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

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  • It's only a matter of time. Liberals are absolutely destroying America.

    America is reaching a boiling point under the most corrupt president in U.S. History. Endless recession, record deficits, high taxation and unemployment, unequaled secrecy, amnesty for millions of illegal invaders, complete loss of privacy, the dismantling of the Constitution, a nation completely and intentionally divided by a man who would rather see America fail than to see Democrats not succeed. If this continues I not only see mass riots in the near future but actual civil war.

  • It's not just him.

    Every President we have had since Vietnam and ever will have in the future is dedicated to increasing terrorism, whether or not they're really aware of it or not. Bush, Cheney, Obama, all don't really want to end terrorism, because they all understand that is the best pretext for spreading American influence. What reason do we have for going into the Middle East if there are no terrorists? It's a never-ending game every President plays, because to not do it would look weak and would unmake us the world's primary superpower. Doesn't mean Obama is a bad guy, I voted for him twice, and I think he's got great ideas on domestic issues, but when it comes to foreign policy, all establishment Democrats and Republicans are the same.

  • No, he is doing the opposite

    Okay, first off Obama was the one who decided to kill Osama Bin Laden. Bush said he would but never did. Obama has helped the economy, auto industrie ( which is doing well), and made american better than bush, Romney, or any other right wing conservative republican could have done.

  • No but Chomsky's thoughts deserve consideration; It has more to do with investors in the military-industrial complex which is a subconscious psychological phenomenon. Not intentional!

    Obama doesn't want more terrorists.
    Left-wing pseudoanarchist intellectuals (I say pseudoanarchist because he's a fan of anarchosyndicalism which nearly took over Spain in the 1930s with an anarchosyndicalist union (actually 2 unions) which said it wasn't a system of government, in actuality it would be a federalist socialism with elections representing communes and factories with extremely short term limits, really just a more democratic and decentralized form of communism) will of course be more suspicious of any capitalist president particularly one representing a party that claims to be more in favor of moderating capitalism's excesses which Chomsky doesn't believe can be moderated. He's a peaceful and well-intentioned extremist who thinks the solution to everything is to democratize the whole economy including every workplace. Personally I think democratic ownership and management has its benefits but the government shouldn't be policing a company's management style.
    Still the influence of big monied interests even on the Democratic Party are tremendous even with Obama and part of that is the military-industrial complex. While I don't think the military-industrial complex is literally "dedicated to increasing terrorism" their minds will be on the money which means on more war. Even though they are likely wearing rose-colored glasses and imagining that the political think tanks they contribute to really do have the ideas that will make our world safe and free the very formation of their beliefs is subconsciously motivated by the desire for more wealth, so unintentionally they may be influencing us into policies that aggravate and anger people in foreign countries in a way that leads to more terrorism. But it would be unintentional although at the same time intimately related to their desires for more profit. The human mind is remarkably efficient at forming beliefs in ways that are convenient to justifying the lifestyle that it wants and then denying that's even a factor or if recognizing it(as more people do because of psychological studies that prove it) the person is likely to think "oh but while I have my slip ups I keep myself aware of these things" even if that is itself a rationalization.

    In short, the military-industrial complex and the policies it promotes are NOT keeping this country safe BUT they know not what they do.

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