Choose one: casual dress (yes) or uniform (no)?

Asked by: oops
  • I choose casual

    Wearing casual has a lit of benefits like you choosing your own clothes, wearing other clothes everyday not like the old fashioned school uniform that people do not like to wear because some people say that it is uncomfortable, too tight, too big, too small, too skinny and more reasons to chew on the bone which might lead to a slow boat in China if I type all of the reasons. I also choose casual because for me, it is the people's choice that will think what we will wear. God also gave us our free will to learn from right to wrong.

    Posted by: oops
  • Uniform some times

    We should wear uniforms some times and casual some times for example: would you show up to a business interview in a tee-shirt and jeans with and old hoodie, or a nice uniform? Duh. Your answer should be uniform! If it wasn't your choise then that's just gross! And just so you know you would ALWAYS go to a job interview in a uniform/tux/very nice clothes!

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TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T14:19:58.933
This question has never been done before....