• Hey, Money Talks!

    I do think that when it comes to professional sports, a guy like Chris Bosh, or anyone for that matter, will leave whatever team they are from for the extra paydays. Take a look at the huge case around Labron James when he left Cleveland. At the end of the day, money talks.

  • Yes, better chance of success

    With multiple stars from the Miami Heat testing the waters in free agency. There is a good chance that the Heat will lose some, if not all, of the stars that made them a great team. If Bosh went to the Rockets, he would join Harden and Howard, he could potential be on a team that not only could really use him, but a team that has a chance to be the best in the west.

  • Yes he will

    Yes, he will. Because it looks like Lebron and Dwayne Wade will be leaving the team along with him. Chris was a great player, but if the other two leave you can believe that he will leave along with them. They will become more competitive against each other and find out who the best players are going to be.

  • Chris Bosh will not leave Miami

    Chris Bosh will not leave Miami. He is committed to this team and the fan base there, and by moving to Houston, he would greatly disappoint a large sector of his support system. Now is not the time for him to make this huge move, and I can imagine him revisiting this decision at a later date.

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