Chris Brown/Adrienne Balion Feud: Should Rob Kardashian Have Gotten Involved?

  • Chris Brown Rips Adrienne Bailon,

    Ithink that Rob Kardashian should not be gotten involved because this was initiated by the rob because when brown railed against bailon, rob e liked the harash post about his ex girlfriend.when brown post the some negetive thing about the girl the liked bye rob sense that he also look that girl same like brown so i thik it was better if rob kardashian have not gotten involved.

  • No, because its not his business

    No, Rob Kardashian should have never got involved because it didn't have anything to do with him and he should have just let it be between Chris Brown and Adrienne Balion cause if he had a feud with someone they aren't going to get involved with his mess that he have.

  • Feeding a celebrity fire will only make it burn brighter.

    Every celebrity in this day and time is in a feud of some kind, mostly, if not all the time, for the publicity that it will bring. True, Adrienne Balion has been a romantic interest of Rob Kardashian's and, also true, Rob could probably use a little jump in his current career, but getting involved with a feud between a rapper/singer and a washed-up Cheetah Girl is not his place, especially not publicly. There should be no feuds constantly going on in the twitter-verse and in the tabloids and other people publicly getting involved in it only makes the feud and the media attention grow stronger. Instead, everyone should just settle things out of the public eye and learn how to act like adults. There shouldn't be any nationally covered fit over spilled milk.

  • Rob Shouldn't Have Got Involved

    I can understand why Rob Kardashian would feel like he had something to say and want to get his opinion heard, but it wasn't his place to get involved. The feud was between Chris Brown and Adrienne Balion and in reality should have been resolved between them without any interference from Rob.

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