Chris Brown's lawyer works to free singer from jail: Will Chris Brown avoid prison this time?

  • Of Course He Will

    I believe Chris Brown will avoid prison this time. Chris Brown has been in jail since he was kicked out of his rehab program but it is likely that he will simply end up in a different program. Celebrities never have to play by the same rules as others, he won't be going to prison.

  • He probably will

    Chris Brown is a celebrity with the funds to hire a good attorney. Although he's still in jail for violating his parole, in the long term, he'll probably avoid jail time. Ultimately, he's famous, which I'd guess will have an effect on his sentencing, and he's in an area where prisons are very very crowded. He's been violent, but I'm guessing he'll get some kind of court -ordered rehab or counseling.

  • I think Chris Brown is running out of luck.

    I think everyone is getting a little tired, and a little less forgiving of Chris Brown's problems. He has shown that he has definite anger issues and has not been able to make any progress in managing his temper. I think his recent parole violation is probably going to land him in prison for a while this time.

  • Judge Ordered Him

    The judge in the case ordered Chris Brown to remain in jail for violating his probation. The singer clearly hasn't learned anything since he was arrested for beating up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown should stay in jail until he learns his lesson. He's just 24 and has his entire life ahead of him. Unfortunately, he's a punk who doesn't want to grow up.

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