Chris Evans will step down as Top Gear presenter. Will this help the cause?

  • Chris Evans decision to step down as Top Gear presenter might help the cause.

    Chris Evans decision to step down as Top Gear presenter might help the cause. Top Gear is one of BBC's most important shows and over the years it has attracted a large audience. However, according to the current show ratings the viewership figures seem to have dropped. Chris Evans himself feels that he might not be the best person to present the show.

  • Yes, this will help Top Gear.

    Top Gear is a popular show on the BBC. However, ratings for the show have been falling with presenter Chris Evans. In response to falling ratings, Evans has announced that he will resign from the show. Most likely the viewers just did not connect well with him as a guest for whatever reason. Therefore, it is likely that the ratings will improve for this show with other presenters.

  • Yes, Chris Evans stepping down with help Top Gear.

    Yes I believe that Chris Evans stepping down as Top Gear presenter will help. It is a huge show for BBC, however ratings have been dropping. I believe that with Chris Evans stepping down it leaves room for improvement and the ability to revamp it and take it to the next level.

  • No, it will not help.

    He has been popular with fans of the show. His stepping down is only a further indication that the show is on the decline and may be the final nail in the coffin. The current presenters are also popular, but he has been involved the longest and this is not a good sign for the longevity of the show.

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