Chris Froome Injury in Tour de France: Do you believe cyclists give up too easily?

  • Chtis Froome is a Coward

    Mister Chris Froome is a coward for what he just did. He must take a lesson and check the example of Colombian biker Nairo Quintana, who not only overcame a really nasty fall during the first stages of Italian Giro, but he also won this race with a respiratory disease

  • All Athletes Should be Given Adaquete Time to Heal

    Professional sports, including cycling can be demanding, and the push to continue on under any circumstances is something that athletes often face. However, when someone is cycling becomes injured it is much more important for them to recover fully before returning to the competition. This is the best decision for their health and future career.

  • No, they know their limits

    Cyclists in the Tour de France are the top athletes at their sport. They are extensively trained and very in tune with their bodies. If they feel that they need to give up, then it is more than likely the right decision. Given that they are all competing to win, it is likely not a decision they take lightly and should be respected.

  • No, cycling requires effective functioning of your body

    Cycling is a grueling individual sport that requires your entire body to function well for success. Though cyclists race in a team, they do not play a role equal to that of a football or basketball player. Rather than "toughing it out," and risking further injury, it is sensible to preserve his body.

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