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  • No,playing sports drunk is not a good idea.

    No,playing sports drunk is not a good idea.Some days ago,although Chrissy Tiegen Pitched Drunk,but she still to play sport.It is bad for her playing sports drunk.Because when we drunk, we can not play sport, it will hurt ourselves or other people.More, when we drunk, we can not control our behaviour, it will against the law or rules.

  • You'll probably bet hurt.

    No, playing sports drunk is not a good idea, because when you're drunk you don't have the same arm and body control that you have otherwise. A person who tries to throw a ball when they are drunk is more likely to hit something that they don't mean to hit, or otherwise hurt their body.

  • No, doing anything while intoxicated is not advisable.

    No, I do not believe that playing any sport while drunk is a good idea. There is too much of a risk of injury. When we get drunk we lose our inhibitions, causing us to do things that we would ordinarily not do when sober. Pushing the boundaries, so to speak, because our sense of judgement is impaired.

  • PLaying drunk is not good

    Not only is drinking bad for your body in general it can also inhibit your performance. Drinking and getting drunk can limit your reaction time it can limit your vision. It can also cause you to act differently than you normally would such as enhancing certain emotions. If you drink too much it may cause you to become sick or pass out.

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