Christ second coming will happen soon. As most of the other related prophecies have happened.

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  • The purpose of Shia Muslims is to make Jesus the king of the world.

    Prophet Mohammad, before his death, said and emphasized that Christ is saved by Gog and he will come back to world. He said many signs of his arrival. One can compare signs with predictions and conclude that we are close to that time. Daesh might be one of the prophecies.Also the revolution of Yemen. Or the war between Iran and Iraq. etc.

  • Ah, yeah I'm just gonna say no.

    What prophecies are being spoken of here? Is it the fact that there have been theologically motivated conflicts in the middle east because that's kind of been going on a lot, for a while now. If some of these prophecies could be cited or provided they could be discussed, but for now this is kind of a silly issue.

  • What is a prophecy?

    As Iron Chariots states it, a valid prophecy has to

    -It must actually be a prophecy. Not a documentation of events that is misinterpreted as a prophecy after a similar event occurs later.
    - It must be written before the events that it predicts.
    - The predicted events must actually occur.
    - The prediction must be both falsifiable and verifiable.
    - It must not be overly vague.
    - It must not predict a likely event.
    - It must not be self-fulfilling.

    So please provide supporting documentation regarding these so called "prophecies"

  • No its not

    You see the prophecies of the Torah (5 books of Moses) are not saying there's going to be an apocalypse at the end of it all. But it actually is the qualifications for someone to be deemed messiah. Because in Judaism someone can only be deemed messiah when every single prophecy is full filled. Which has not happened yet. Jesus never rebuilt the temple, returned the Jews to Israel, came in an age of peace, He's technically not even from the tribe of Judah since tribal lineage is only through the father.

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