Christian Bale as the "perfect Jobs": Will Fincher have his way with the casting choice?

  • Fincher will have his way with the casting choice of Christian Bale as the "perfect Jobs".

    Fincher will have his way with the casting choice of Christian Bale as the "perfect Jobs". Christian Bale is David Fincher's choice to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie. I think that he is a wise choice for the role and would do an amazing job as the character.

  • Exciting Combination With Fincher and Bale

    Christian Bale is a quality actor. His role in The Machinist displayed his versatility. He is not afraid of showing off his talent to his fans. Steve Jobs is the Apple hippie will be long remembered, and Christian Bale will play this role with pride. The teaming up of Christian Bale and David Fincher should be interesting.

  • Yes, Christan Bale should play Steve Jobs.

    Christian Bale is a natural choice to play Steve Jobs. Often the films written by Aaron Sorkin are fast paced and wordy, Christian Bale has the acting experience and presence to successfully execute complicated writing. Bale is also a reliable international box office draw and having his name attached to the film will surely increase its market share both in the United States and internationally.

  • Too many others.

    No, Fincher will not have his way with casting Christian Bale was the perfect Jobs, because there are too many others who are notable who would be good for the part. People want to see someone who is well known. Christian Bale only has a niche following. They need to get someone who is more well known to a larger audience.

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