• And exactly WHY do we have Christianity?

    First of all, we ALL know God exists. All those who argue against, think about how you knew God existed in the first place. We were simply told that, without proof, meaning that people don't actually serve God. It's just a shield. So why does it exist? It's a well-played scheme. The rich elites invent God, tell it to the working-class, so they will not rebel, thinking they will be rewarded, while the rich pocket the money the increased efficiency the working-class are doing.

  • Luke 16.1-18 Parable of the Dishonest Manager

    Just because some professes to be Christian does not make him/her one. The parable is more about stewardship, than it is money. By the “steward,” particularly the “tax collectors” who were listening to Jesus telling of the parable. At this time "Publicans" as they were called. Were charged with duty of going to collect taxes levied upon the people, by those in government. Publicans were looked down upon because so may were corrupt and dishonest individuals. They either collect to much for taxes and pocketed the excess collected or skimmed from their masters. So Jesus is pointing out the danger that arose from the temptations of the improper use of the money intrusted to them.

    As far as capitalist being faithful Christians and not hypocrites. It is possible to person to be rich and be a sound Christian at the same time. However, that would mean doing everything fairly, paying appropriately wages and be a good steward of your riches. Like help the less fortune, aiding those in a time of crisis and so on.

    But when greed sets in, this is when one stops thinking of God and others and begins to thinking only of themselves. The sin of selfishness is a peril that many fall victim to. So, we can be greedy with more than just money.

    There are many warnings throughout the bible concerning greed. This is obviously something that angers God greatly. The last thing that the bible teach is to think of oneself and to be selfish. To do so, is to be unloving to those around you. Nowhere is it ever justified.

    "For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." ( Lk 18.25)

  • No way, Jose.

    I'm a Christian, and readily support capitalism! "No one can serve two masters" is totally true, though. I serve God, not money. But I need a certain amount of money to survive! Capitalism is essential to a functioning society. Lack of it would result in some form of communism, and we know that's never good!

    No, I don't believe that anyone should be so greedy as to put money in front of God. Capitalism ( in general ) makes a person work hard for their money, so it is healthy. Communism ( in general ) takes money and initiative from working people and hands it to the already-rich, powerful, evil people. It is a recipe for collapse.

    Anybody who is truly serving God ought to know that he has to take care of his earthly body as well as his soul...And Communism won't help either. So, no. Christian Capitalists aren't hypocrites.

  • Christians aren't hypocrites

    Many people confuse and don't really know what hypocrites are. According to non-Christians, Catholics are hypocrites because they "hate" people who are gay or are not Catholic.
    This is absolutely false as Christians believe that those people have lives and are nice people. Some people also call Catholics bigots which isn't true.

  • The Bible supports Capitalism

    Firstly the 10 comandments set up the idea of private ptoperty (you shall not covet your neighbor's belongings). Further, the Bible has the concept of "if you do not work, you do not eat" (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Further, the Bible says that "the laborer is worth his wages" (1 Timothy 5:18). So, from a biblical narrative, we have private property and payment in return for labor. These are two of the main tenets of Capitalism.

  • God and Money

    What true Christians have is called faith. What atheist have is also called faith. But the faith that Christians have and the faith that atheist have are two totally different faiths. Christians have faith that God created the world, Man fell into sin, and out of His never-ending love, sent a savior to LIVE and DIE for all of humanity. What Christians believe is that God took on flesh, lived a life without sin, and then took the sins of everyone who has walked this planet, across all of time and space, so that whoever trusts in HIm, would no longer carry the weight of sin on their back, but be free.

    An atheist's faith is that there is no God, and believes in the teachings of science. They believe that nobody has a purpose, that when we get down to it, everything happens by chance. They believe that we should live life on how we feel, as long as we live by the morals of humanity, which if you notice, is becoming looser and more accepting as life goes on.

    Now if you read all that, I believe it is clear which one I put my faith in. And let me tell you why. I am a Christian, and I believe in a God of love.
    I believe in an all-powerful God, a God with infinite wisdom. And this God isn't a God of hate and anger but uses his power for love. I look at myself, and I see the worst of the world. I am not the best human. But I know that my Redeemer lives. I know he is there to carry the weight of my sins. Some may call me foolish to believe in this, and yes there are questions that the Bible does not offer the answers to. I cannot prove to you scientifically that God created the world in 6, 24 hour days. I cannot answer every question, like if there is a god, why can I not see him? I can't prove anything to you using science. But I have faith that what God says is true. And there is nothing anyone can do to take away this saving faith.

    Now yes, there are some hypocrites in the world that will lie to you, to deceive for their benefits. But I tell you, there is nothing you can do remove your guilt yourself. But only with Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, your savior, your friend.

  • Capitalism is the natural state of economics

    This question implies that there is a moral dilemma in capitalism, which there is not! Capitalism is the natural state of economics, there is no inherent greed in the system. It is important to remember that Capitalism works despite our flaws and encourages us all to be productive and look out for the well being of others because their well being stimulates the economy. Other economic systems are just as susceptible to greed the difference is that that capitalism is able to channel or mitigate the damage of greed, while any amount of greed will destabilize or corrupt a communist/socialist economy.

    So is it hypocritical? Well the poverty rate around the world has been dropping at a rapid rate, health is improving world wide, The world is more educated and there is less war than ever. This is all due to capitalism so no you are not a hypocrite to be a Capitalist, Economics is a science there are objective laws just like physics and capitalism is the acknowledgement of those laws.

  • Big Over Generalization Here.

    As a christian, the hypocrites among us stand out like an infected blister. Many into capitalism become money obsessed. However, many can support such a system and be okay. Those that treat it as a tool, rather than a goal.

    So are some hypocrites? Yes. Are all? Most certainly not.

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