Christianity & The Christian Churches have Not Repented Enough For Anti-Semitism & The Holocaust

  • From Wikipedia it says

    The Wikipedia article
    "Christian–Jewish reconciliation" says

    "Christian−Jewish reconciliation refers to the efforts that are being made to improve understanding and acceptance between Christians and Jews. There has been significant progress in reconciliation in recent years, In particular by the Catholic Church, But also by other Christian groups.

    Background Edit
    In response to the Holocaust (though earlier accounts of reconciliation exist) and many other instances of the persecution of Jews by Christians throughout history (most prominent being the Crusades and the Inquisition), Many Christian theologians, Religious historians and educators have sought to improve understanding of Judaism and Jewish religious practices by Christians. [1]:8

    There are a number of sensitive issues that continue to impact Christian-Jewish relations. " Anyone can look this up on Wikipedia and scroll down to read the rest of the article, Still much needs to be done on the part of the Christian Churches to Repent for 2, 000 years of Christian Anti-Semitism leading up to the Nazi Holocaust. . .

  • People speak of Reparations to Blacks because of Slavery, Some have suggested all the Churches of Christianity should Pay Reparations to the Jewish People

    Many in America speak of Reparations to Blacks because of the Horrors of Slavery, However some have also suggested that the Christian Churches pay Reparations to the Jewish People living Today, Because of the Tragic History of 2, 000 Years of Christian Anti-Semitism & Persecutions of Jews leading up to the Nazi Holocaust of the Second World War in which Six Million Jews were killed,
    Slavery was a Horrible Crime Against Humanity, But the Nazi Holocaust was Far Worse, The Persecution of Jews by Christianity leading up the 20th century was horrific, If we are to speak of Reparations to African-Americans because of Slavery, We should also speak of Christian Churches & Christianity paying Reparations to the Jewish People in America, Israel & Worldwide because of 2, 000 Years of Christian Anti-Semitism & Persecution of Jews leading up to the Nazi Holocaust,

  • The Churches haven't Repented Enough After the Nazi Holocaust, For 2, 000 Years of Christian Anti-Semitism and for Helping to Cause the Holocaust

    2, 000 Years of Christian Anti-Semitism and Persecution of the Jewish People lead to the Nazi Holocaust of World War II, In which Six Million Jews were Killed, Anyone can order the 1992 Version of the book
    "Our Hands Are Stained with Blood" The Tragic Story of the "Church" and the Jewish People" by Michael L. Brown, A Jewish Believer in Jesus, Michael L. Brown wrote an updated Revised Version of the Book in 2019, The Description of the Book from the
    website www. Barnesandnoble. Com says

    "Our Hands are Stained with Blood: The Tragic Story of the Church and the Jewish People"
    by Michael L. Brown PhD

    The Overview says:
    "Every Christian must read this shocking account of the Church’s history.

    The pages of church history are marked by countless horrors committed against the Jewish people.

    From the first persecutions of the Jews in the fourth century to the horrors of the Holocaust, From Israel-bashing in today's press to anti-Semitism spouted from the pulpit, This painful book tells the tragic story that every Christian must read.

    In a freshly updated and expanded edition of this pivotal work, Dr. Michael Brown exposes the faulty theological roots that opened the door to anti-Semitism in Church history, Explaining why well-meaning believers so often fall into the trap of hate. . . And showing how you can bring an end to the cycle of violence.

    This generation can make a difference. Now is the time for change! Discover the important role you play in helping to shape a Church that will bless Israel rather than curse Israel. "

  • Really now.

    Will the Jewish community ever repent for the actions of Jews which led to anti-Semitism and the Holocaust? This is a ridiculous supposition, In no small part because it places collective responsibility on a widely disparate group of people, Many of whom stood in complete opposition to that which you demand they collectively repent for.

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