• It’s stupid!

    Christianity makes no sense.
    First, The idea of a God actually existing is silly. How can you be so sure how the universe was made when you have no proof?

    Also, The bible says some very stupid stuff, Like how being gay is wrong, Being a woman is wrong, Men cannot have long hair and you can’t cross dress. This sort of stuff is so idiotic I can’t begin to imagine why people believe a book that was written a very long time ago. Christianity makes absolutely no sense!

  • Any monothestic religion claiming only one almighty god are oppresively evil and false

    Any monothestic religion that claim there is only one true almighty god, Which on its own premise is horribly oppressively evil and is easily disproven by the question of evil and sufferings in this world. If there is an almight all powerful god, Why doesn't he do anything to help relieve the mass sufferings and horrible conditions of this world? (eg. Natural disasters, Short lifespan, Aging fraility, Diseases & plagues, Mass wealth ineqaulties, Wars, Famine, Preadtor & posionous animals & plants. . . . Etc. ); Such a God is at best powerless fraud, And worst a horribly malicious demon who deserves to be opposed against.
    Plus this whole permise of "one god" is oppresively unfair and absurd - if there is only one god, Does that mean nobody else can be elvated to be his equal? Or forever be that evil God's slave and suffer unjust tyranny?
    Plus many followers of monothestic God-based religions have commited horrible deeds in the name of their God thorughout history (eg. Crusade / jihad wars, Witch burning murders, Oppresive subjugation, Women & child & minority abuse. . . Etc. ). Many oppressive evil rulers have used the guise of religions to horribly abuse and pillage the populace for their own selfish means.

    The text of both the Bible and Quran contains many horrible atrocious verses that justify their evil followers' terrible deeds, Such as
    Bible: "let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth" -> for mass animal abuse and butchering,
    and Bible Samuel 15:3: "This is what the Lord Almighty says. . . 'Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, But kill both man and woman, Child and infant, Ox and sheep, Camel and donkey. '" -> for wars and mass murders.
    And Quran: "Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, Arrest them, Besiege them, And lie in ambush everywhere for them, " -> also for wars and mass murders.

    Also, For those who counter with "anybody who refuse to believe in God are too pessimistic" - these people are just blind to the truth, Hiding in their fake make-belifs blind-faith and refusing to confront actual harsh reality and evidences in front of them, While continously spreading their gospel lies.
    Those who counter with "God cannot be comprehended with normal means or normal logic" are just spreading pure BS; as it only further proves that such a "God" is utterly decietful & dishonest. If "God" cannot be comprehended or proven within normal worldly means, Then such a "God" is just not relevant to this world.

  • Christianity is poison for gaining knowledge

    For it is written, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, And the discernment of the discerning I will thwart. ” Why would an all loving god withhold human kind from gaining knowledge? , This already proves on its own the paradox of religion and its brainwashing schemes, Society is often held back from knowledge in religion because of fear, And that's why hell was planted there, Where is the good in this? , Why would a rational god care so much about how much we worship him than how we are as a person? The apocalypse of peter is a hidden gospel that releases that god is trapping us as slaves because Adam and eve saw 2 trees the one "tree of life" and the "tree of knowledge" god said they could eat from any one of those trees except the tree of knowledge, This is because he was scared of humanity advancing, The tree of life was basically a life of worshiping him and disapproving of any other intellectual observation. So why would a all loving god be so scared of humans growing and becoming more intellectual?

  • I don't really have any place arguing this haha

    I know pretty much nothing about Christianity, But what I do seems like complete and utter bs. My whole family [excluding my parents] is Christian, All my friends are Christian. I am an atheist and open-minded to seeing other people's beliefs and points of view on religion. I think it is interesting. Being an atheist gets boring, So I like to learn more about people's lifestyle.

  • It is a very long topic, So I can only mention points with short descriptions. . .

    Christanity makes no sense in many points e. G. :

    1. The main revolving idea - of Jesus "sacrifice" for sins of humanity - God blaming humanity for the results of nature which he desinged.
    Then sacrifising himslelf, For himself. . . So he can stop blaiming. I just that it was useless beceause people are still threatened with hell this days. Sick psychopathic sadomachostic idea which christians dare to cal "Biggest act of Love". Sort of home abuser kind of love - i would say.

    2. To claim that world was created and is ruled by all-mighty, Perfectly good God - in the face of gigantic suffering happening every day - is just a result of denial of empathy for the sake of ideological loyalty. The very fact that average person can think of more merciful world is a proof that this average person is better than "Perfectly good God".

    3. All the omni- desriptions of god - theists do not even see that the very ideas of omnisciences and omnipotency are internally conflicted - they cannot be. Whole atribution of those to "god" by serious theologians shows how theology is a guessing game and not science

    4. The very idea of hell - how psychopathic you have to be to create such a tool of social engineering? Moreover hell is an epitome of Injustice and sadism - as it presumably literally offer infinite punishment for finite crimes. Moreover the infinite nature of logically makes it infinitly cruel and infinitly evil

    5. There are over 400 contradictions in Bible. Just look on the below interactive chart:
    https://philb61. Github. Io/
    Why there are 30, 000 different denominations? Imagine 30, 000 people reading the ONE text and then EVERY one has different idea. Why? Because whole bible is double-talk. Why is this "god" such a bad comunicator? Being "all-perfect" and still doing worse job than an average TV chanel? Makes no sense.

    6. There is so much more but I have to go back to my work. . .

    Just to recap - Christianity is a a Gordian knot of absurdities.

  • Christianity is a Moral Guide

    The Old Testament is filled with war, Greed, And anger. However, The Old Testament is weaker than the New Testament and Jesus should be the final authority if there is a conflict between verses in the two sections. Take time to research Christian history & its (four) interpretations of Scripture.

    Music and harmony make no sense to someone who has never studied music, So of course someone who never studied would think it's illogical.
    - Flat Bible: OT = NT
    Jesus is the savior of all man while Moses, The star of the OT, Is a vessel for God to "let his people go". One, According to the Bible, Rose from the dead and the other just. . . If you follow this approach, There is a conflicting moral guide.

    - Dispensational Approach: God has different ethics for different eras. It basically means that the OT was for Jesus' times, And Jesus' teachings/NT were for future times when Jesus reigns on earth. This idea frankly just sucks because it places more emphasis on the prophecy and not Jesus' authority over us. Like the previous, No good guidance.

    - Christological approach: OT looks forward to Christ, And Christ is the center of Scripture. This seems good and all, But it does not place enough emphasis on Jesus' teachings, His life and ministries, Etc.

    -The Best Approach- Christ-centered approach: God's will is reflected in Jesus Christ and the written scriptures are the ultimate source of information about God. This places the authority in Jesus and his teachings about peace, Unity, And /judgement/ (basically Christians should not judge which a lot of Christians are not following). This eliminates the discrepancies between OT and NT verses as Jesus and his life has the final say.

    2. Read the Bible.

    - It's the foundation of marriage to have a man and a woman (who are truly in love and do not violate vows such as abuse) for both a healthy, Nuclear (so a child is exposed to femininity and masculinity) family and a healthy Christian family. Christians have no right to judge homosexual people, But we can defend why God views it negatively.

    - The Bible showcases women who have been treasured and used by God in magnificent ways. Did you forget about the prophet Deborah in Judges 4, Or Priscilla and Aquila in Romans 16? Read the book 12 Extraordinary Women, Or look at its synopsis. There are plenty more.

    Hair + more in comment

  • I am not Christian, Nor do I believe their core beliefs, But here is my counterpoint for the sake of argument.

    Christianity is more than what is in the texts. The stories of the Bible and other religious reading are not considered historically accurate, But instead just stories, Meant to underline greater meanings.

    Its the divides in Christianity that make it disliked. While the bigot-like forms of the religion still exist, Many subsets of Christianity are incredibly accepting of the modern world.

    At the end of the day, Christianity's core beliefs are love, Happiness, Gratefulness, Hopefulness, All messages that are muddled in a mess of a billion subsets of what is meant to be a very moral religion.

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