Christianity Should pay Reparations to the Jewish people for Causing Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, For 2, 000 years of Persecution

  • Part 4, Six Million Crucifixions

    The website also says :
    How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust
    Did Christianity play any role in the millenarian hatred towards Jews that led to the paroxysm of murder known as the Holocaust?

    Six Million Crucifixions provides an answer to the question, “What could have possibly motivated ordinary Germans and their helpers throughout Nazi-occupied Europe to hate Jews so much as to drag thousands of Jewish men, Women and children to a forest, And shoot them in the head at close range one by one, Getting blood, Pieces of brain and splinters of cranial bone splattered all over them after each victim, And continue to do it all day long, Day after day? ”

  • Part 3, Six Million Crucifixions

    "The Church on trial
    Six Million Crucifixions provides an overview of the historical background of key events in the history of antisemitism spanning the time between the death of Jesus up to the end of the Holocaust and beyond. The second part of the book focuses on various specific aspects of Christian antisemitism, Followed by the role of the Catholic and Protestant Churches during the Nazi era and its aftermath. The fourth part provides an overview of the criminal activities that individual clergy as well as the Churches as such may have been guilty of and makes a legal study of what a potential indictment may have looked like.

    Clearly, Most if not all the people involved in the crimes discussed in Six Million Crucifixions are now dead so an indictment and trial as discussed in the book could not happen today. This fact only makes the injustice even worse, As the clergy who were part of the crimes committed back then got away with impunity. What we are seeing now are the consequences of what happens when crimes go unpunished and the record is not properly established.

    Fighting Antisemitism
    The objective of this book is to present the historical background to explain how the Holocaust could have happened, And raise awareness of where antisemitism comes from and why it has not disappeared yet. Ultimately, It is up to courageous and good-hearted Christians to take a hard look at the past of their religion—as unsavory as it may be—and take what will surely be painful measures to redress the wrongs from the past.

    Table of Contents
    PART 1
    Historical Background
    Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation
    Chapter 2: The Middle Ages
    Chapter 3: Emancipation and the Rise of Modern Antisemitism
    Chapter 4: Modern Views
    PART 2
    Christian Antisemitism
    Chapter 5: Christian Attitude Towards Jews
    Chapter 6: Christianity in Print
    Chapter 7: Antisemitism in Sermons, Liturgy, And the Christian Bible
    PART 3
    The Role of the Churches During the Nazi Era
    Chapter 8: Dealing With the Enemy
    Chapter 9: The Church’s Positive Attitudes Towards the War
    Chapter 10: What the Churches Said. What the Churches Failed to Say.
    Chapter 11: Smuggling Nazis Out of Europe
    PART 4
    The Quest for Justice
    Chapter 12: What the Pope and the Churches Should Have Done
    Chapter 13: Legal Background
    Chapter 14: Indictable Material
    Chapter 15: Conclusions
    Chapter 16: Cleaning Up the Ashes
    Appendix I: In Their Own Words
    Appendix II: Pontifical Bulls
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    Chapter 10

    The Church’s Positive Attitudes Toward the War

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    Six Million Crucifixions
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    Traces the history of antisemitism in Christianity and the role that played in making possible the Holocaust.

  • Part 2, Six Million Crucifixions

    "Antisemitism since the Holocaust
    Antisemitism is on the rise again. Never since the end of the Holocaust have there been so many antisemitic incidents worldwide. The world suffers from amnesia and disregarding the lessons from the past looks the other way. Film director Mel Gibson releases The Passion of the Christ, A passion play watched by more people than all the previous passion play productions put together, And equally if not more damning of the Jewish people. A senior Vatican cardinal compares the Gaza Strip with a big concentration camp. A Swedish newspaper updates the old Christian Ritual Murder canard and accuses the Israeli Defense Forces—as a proxy for “The Jew”— of killing young Palestinians to harvest their organs. Holocaust denial has become more common, And no amount of lawsuits and debunking seem to make it disappear. Even a shunned, Excommunicated Catholic bishop who Pope Benedict XVI brought back into the Catholic fold continues to openly deny the extent of the Holocaust. A pope who believes Pope Pius XII “spared no effort in intervening in their [the Jews’] favour either directly or through instructions given to other individuals or to institutions of the Catholic Church” during the war. And this is the same pope who seems to be interested in eroding the progress made by the Second Vatican Council and reverting to a more traditional version of Catholicism, A version that taught for almost two millennia that Jews were Christ-killers and the enemies of Christianity. "

  • Six Million Crucifixions

    A good book to read is titled
    "Six Million Crucifixions" from the website
    Six Million Crucifixions. Com it says
    Six Million Crucifixions
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    About Six Million Crucifixions

    How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust"
    The root causes of antisemitism
    Six Million Crucifixions examines the root causes of antisemitism in Christianity and how that prepared the soil for the secular antisemitism that culminated in the Holocaust. The book covers the last two thousand years of history, From the origins of this hatred all the way to the advent of modern antisemitism. It also covers the role of the Churches during the Holocaust, And the role of the Vatican in setting up escape routes for wanted war criminals after WWII. Six Million Crucifixions concludes by making the point that after the Holocaust the Allies should have set up an international trial and put any and all clergymen who may have had a role in the defamation of and incitement against the Jewish people, As well as those who helped wanted Nazis escape Justice and other charges, On the dock"

  • The sad F--ked up Truth is That

    If History had gone Differently and if there was Never a World War II, And Never a Holocaust, All of the Christian Churches in 2022 would be teaching the same old Hate-Filled Toxic "Theology" that made the Nazi Holocaust happen, The Extermination of Six Million Jews happen. That's the sad Ugly Truth. We Cannot sugarcoat the sad Ugly Truth
    It took the Evils of the Nazi Holocaust, The murder of Six Million Jews and the Guilt it Produced, To Force the Christian Churches to officially Change their old Anti-Semitic Doctrines, Teachings and Theology that directly led to the Nazi Holocaust and made it happen.
    It took the Murder of Six Million Jews, The Enormous Magnitude of the Nazi Holocaust and the Guilt, Shame it Produced to Force the Christian Churches to Change their teachings about Jews, Such as Jews allegedly being
    "Christ-Killers" etc
    If World War II and the Nazi Holocaust Never Happened, We All Know the sad Ugly Truth that All of the Christian Churches in America and Worldwide would Still be Teaching Virulent Hatred of Jews in 2022 as if it was still
    The year 1920 or Medieval Europe in the Middle Ages.

  • Many Jews have said that for the Next 2, 000 Years All of the Christian Churches should pay Reparations & Restitution to be Fair

    The sad fact is that 2, 000 years of Christian Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred directly led to the Nazi Holocaust of World War II.
    So just to be Fair and Just for the next 2, 000 years starting this year 2022 and going up to
    the year 4022. All of the Christian Churches from All branches of Christianity should pay each and every Individual Jewish or part Jewish person on the Planet Large Amounts of Money, Very Large Amounts of Money to each and every Individual Jewish or part Jewish person in America, Israel and the World for literally the Next 2, 000 Years, Until 4022. Large Amounts of Money, Very Large Amounts of Money to each and every Individual Jewish or part Jewish person on the Planet and their Descendants for the Next 2, 000 Years. Literally till the Year
    4022. Christian Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred and Persecutions leading up to the Holocaust had Severe Psychological Harmful effects on the Jewish people, Causing Jewish Self-Hate and an Inferiority Complex

  • The user review of the Flannery book lastly says

    "In reading the modern day Mid-East section of this book, It reminds what I had learnt in last semester in Modern Israel class. Flannery covers what he calls the overt expression and practice of Arab Anti-Semitism/ Anti – Zionism, Which has been seldom mentioned or discussed in church also. He proceeds to describe how Arab propaganda, Already hostile to the existence of the State of Israel, Has widened its focus to further include the Jewish people and their religion. When we couple the history of Anti-Semitism as what we read in this book and the news or situations towards the Middle East conflict right now in our time, An alarm of repetition of history should be ringing in our mind. The author describes how the horrendous myths of the “Blood Libel” and the “Protocols of The Elders of Zion” have been revived in the Mid-East often through state approved channels of some Arab countries. Considered in the context of how these two myths have resulted in the historic massacres and slaughter of innocent Jews worldwide, The impact of their revival is analyzed.
    I feel it is a responsibility for us, Who learn and understand the situation right now to share and educate people around us especially Christians, So we can be alert and pray for ourselves not to fall in to the deception of Satan who hates those who God loves. I totally agree with Flannery pointing that Anti- Semitism is a form of anti-religious. It is rooted in a revolt against acceptance of a transcendental or divine moral order "

  • The user review of the Edward H. Flannery book continues

    It is very true that Flannery pointed out in the beginning of this book that the vast majority of even well educated Christian have been relatively ignorant of what has happened to the Jews throughout history and the culpable involvement of many facets of the Church by comparison, The Jews themselves are largely and acutely aware of their painful history in such matters. I believe this is an excellent book to be included in our Church History curriculum especially for seminary education. If we are studying the church history but missing out the whole part of the Church anti-Semitism including persecution, Torture, Massacres, Social degradations, Forced baptism and conversions, For me seem we as a seminary student still be ignorant and have not learnt the Church History and it should be a fail in this class. It is upsetting and heart breaking to study and admitting this Dark Age in our Church History but it can be more tragic if we do not recognize this Anti-Semitism is a kind of sins and allow this to propagate in our society or even in our church. To quote Flannery, “it is a tragedy in which Jesus participates, Crucified again in the person of His people at the hand of many baptized in His name. The sin of anti-Semitism contains many sins, But in the end it is a denial of Christian faith, A failure of Christian hope, And a malady of Christian love…. And the ultimate scandal: that in carrying the burden of God in history the Jewish people did not find in the Christian churches and ally and defender but one of their most zealous detractors and oppressors? It is a story that calls for repentance. ” (p. 295)"

  • From books. Google. Com a user review of the Edward H. Flannery book says:

    "User Review - Flag as inappropriate
    This is a very useful book for me as a Christian to understand the reasons why Jewish people are so resistance to Jesus and the Gospel. Flannery, A Roman Catholic Priest, He did a very good research and study on the last twenty three centuries of worldwide anti –Semitism. I believe it is more significant and encouraging to have an author in Christianity background to comment and review the history of Anti – Semitism because there are many aspects of history anti-Semitism prevalent within some areas of the Church itself. Many might see some of the writings as self incriminating and I considered this is a refreshing honesty and wish to heal the relationship between Christian and Jew, Both whom share a common foundation in our faith. By understanding the history, It helps us to understand the hostility between Jews and gentile especially in church history or event right now and also to prevent what has happened. "

  • Book by Edward H. Flannery "The Anguish of the Jews"

    From the website books. Google. Com it says about the 1985 Edition of the book
    "The Anguish of the Jews: Twenty-three Centuries of Antisemitism"
    Front Cover
    Edward H. Flannery
    Paulist Press, 1985 - History - 369 pages
    2 Reviews
    The story told by Edward Flannery. . . Calls not only for reform but for profound and meaningful repentance. --David W. Tracy A major contribution to Jewish-Christian relations. --Marc Tanenbaum It will bring the Catholic community an entirely new development in their thinking about the people of the Jewish faith. --Robert F. Drinan It comes from the heart of an honest priest who is deeply moved by the poisonous horror of anti-Semitism, And who appeals to his people to remember that. . . It is a denial of Christian faith, A failure of Christian hope, And a malady of Christian love. --Abram Sachar A definitive work. --Benjamin Epstein This revised and updated edition of THE ANGUISH OF THE JEWS - a classic history of anti-Semitism written by a Roman Catholic priest and now with a foreword by Philip Cunningham is as relevant today as when it was first published in 1964. Hailed by Jews and Christians alike as a groundbreaking book that did much to expose the reality of historical anti-Semitism in the United States and around the world, It includes material covering the last two decades; it considers developments in the Middle East, And it explores the impact that Judaic studies have had on Christian thought. +"

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