Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world.

Asked by: LittleBallofHATE
  • The DEVIL is in the details

    A recent study claims that Christians are persecuted more often than any other religious group. The worst offenders are Islamic countries. Some of them have the death penalty for anyone who speaks up for religious minorities. Iran has made it clear. If you're a Christian, leave or die. We are even seeing it here in the States. Nowhere near as bad as some countries, but you'd have to be blind to miss it. Christianity is under attack, like never before, in this country.

    Someone once asked me. Which religion is the true religion? Assuming that there is a God, I would say it was the one that receives the most persecution. The Devil wouldn't waste his time on a false religion. Also note who is doing most of the persecution. Muslims. Something to think about.

  • Ridiculous statement is ridiculous

    Christians, as a whole, are the most abusive religious group in human history. Christians have persecuted more people over a longer period of time than any other religious group. If Christians were the most persecuted people, it would only be because Christians persecute everyone for their religion, including most other Christians.

  • Absolutely not, dude.

    (I had to add a third word, so I chose that one)
    Even if Christians WERE the most religiously persecuted religion in the world, they get what they deserve. (Not all of them, of course). During the age of exploration, Conquistadors were dominating land everywhere in the name of God and killed off people who didn't believe in their God. Or they would just enslave them and torture them because they thought that they were superior to those "colored peoples who believed in rain". A lot of cruelty was done by the Christians. (Catholic is christian, in case any of you try arguing otherwise).
    Now, I'm not picking on just Christians, Muslims have done it too, Jews did it, all sorts of cruel things were done in the name of a God.
    Also, Muslims get a LOT of hate in America. After 9/11, if you looked like an Arabian and wore a turban or a hijab, your automatic nickname became "terrorist". Obviously, not all Christians are oppressive like others have been. Same goes for Muslims. Not all of them live and breathe "KILL THE NONBELIEVERS!"
    I certainly do not think it is one of the most persecuted in the entire world. Christians aren't the only ones getting slapped by harsh words. Everyone does. It doesn't matter what you believe in. People will ALWAYS spit in your face about your beliefs. We all just have to deal with it.

  • I read an interesting article today which.

    A study was performed concerning the issue of Christianity and oppression. After having done several studies concluding that actuality of Christian persecution, it was determined that Christians are persecuted in 110 countries. Jews and Muslims were close in second, but Christianity came within first. I will leave the article below for those interested in looking.


  • If not, then which one is?

    Christians ARE the most persecuted religion on earth, there is no other religion that is hated more than the Christian dominations!

    Whenever someone doesn't agree with an atheist, the atheist will assume that that person is a Christian! Is obvious! What other religion is looked down upon more than Christianity? Tell me!

  • Isis is beheading Cristians and all over Europe and Middle East they are being persecuted.

    There are countless occurrences of Islamic terrorist groups killing thousands of Christians.Right now christians in China are complaining of persecution because they get killed because of there beliefs.There are other groups that are persecuted,but not as bad as Christians.Even in America christians are vieved as stupid.Even when atheists believe we came from a magical explosion

  • In the world by far

    Unless all the stats i hear are wrong, but there is persecution in the middle east, china, south east asia, and many African countries. In many of these places it isnt just a discrimination, but an oppression (if there is a difference). In many muslin countries, any other religion (even the differences between Sunni and Shiite) is grounds for imprisonment and death. Within north america, its easy to think life is pretty good, and extrapolate it to other places.

  • I believe so

    I'm sure that there are many other persecuted religions, take Islam for example, but Christians are persecuted and you can thank extremists for that. Groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church are making the moderate Christians look bad. We are mocked by atheists, and other religions are angry at us simply for our faith. While I think that other religions face similar issues, I believe that Christianity is the most heavily persecuted,

  • Who else would be?

    This is largely because of three main reasons. First, Christians proselytize in dangerous places. They go to dangerous countries. They go to Islamic nations and they go to Burma and China. Second, when nations supress religion, it is most often Christianity. Religous freedom in SE asia is hard to come by, usually with multiple religions being the victims (Islam, Hinduism), but Christian persecution is broader in this world. Third, persecution in Africa is a one way street: Islam to Christianity. Muslim persecution after 9/11 does not count. Lets not insult those who actually suffer and die because of what they believe.

  • Yes you can thank WBC for that

    There are Christian groups that are really in your face like the WBC. Mockers and bullies always need something to hate and WBC protestors are just craving for their attention. I guess you can say they have a great relationship going on but probably not with the Christians outside of that WBC circle.

  • I'm sorry, but no

    Christian faiths have been, and I apologize to those that may take offense, bully's throughout history.
    The first, second, third crusades were all entirely based upon "Christian" expansion. The pope lead a charge into Jerusalem, and slaughtered everyone inside- yes this included their own pilgrims.
    If that is not enough, than we can take a look at the Spanish inquisition, and recount not only the torture and mass killing of thousands of Jews and Muslims who chose to avoid conversion, but also the Inca and Tino Indians, who were maimed by conquistadors for their alleged "heresy" as well.
    Not only has Christianity been a major oppressor throughout the years but many other religions have been hugely oppressed. Be it by Christianity or other faiths, many non-Christians have suffered.
    I would bring up the holocaust now, though I'm sure that point has been made, and I really must say the Jewish community has much more claim to feeling oppressed even if that had not occurred.
    Pagans have also been oppressed, burned and tortured for "witch craft" and their winter solstice covered by Christmas.
    It's extremely one sided to claim right to the most oppressed title, especially because I may award Christianity with the most oppressive one.

  • Sure, if you ignore the Jews and the Muslims...

    What group suffered through countless assaults and attempted genocides all throughout history?

    The same group has a long, sad pattern of being imprisoned, enslaved, tortured, and killed for simply believing what they believe.

    This is not the Christians.

    Another group has been profiled as "evil" and "stone age" by the majority of every 1st world nation in the western and eastern worlds, (and despite numbers well into the billions), has been stereotyped writ large.

    This is not the Christians.

    The majority of Christians live in the most privileged secular nations, free to practice without risk of persecution or threat of torture or death. Most have held majority and can influence local and national legislation as they've done for the past few hundred years.

    In sincerity, this is either a joke or a point of view coming from someone who has been so spoiled they don't even realize what persecution truly is.

  • You cannot be serious...

    Christians are not the most persecuted religious group in the world. They surely love to cry and play the victim when they don't get their way or when they aren't allowed to use their religion to persecute people they don't like. But they are NOT the most persecuted, if anyone is, it's people who are non-religious but that doesn't count. Throughout history, Jews were the most persecuted religious group aside from Muslims in the United States and European nations, two groups Christians love to persecute besides atheists, agnostics and non-religious.

  • Brutality is standard for everyone.

    The ancient Hebrews, if their texts are to be believed, committed genocide throughout Canaan. Consider what Saul and his armies, and Samuel did to the people of Amalek (I Samual 15:1-35). They destroyed them completely: men, women, children, infants, and without even planning a museum of an extinct race.

    The fact is that people have been ribbing, killing, torturing, and enslaving each other for as long as we divided ourselves into different societies and groups within societies. EVERYONE's ancestors have had to deal with this brutality as standard part of life, and for those who kept track of who our ancestors were, as a standard part of our history. The only thing that makes Jewish history look like persecution happened to them more is that the cultural identity of Jews has a longer continuous historical record.

    The Babylonians treated everyone the same way as they did the Hebrews. So did the Romans.

    I know, somebody wants to bring up the middle ages. There were Jews persecuted in the middle ages, but EVERYONE else was treated just as badly, but for different reasons. It was standard behavior to rape and pillage and destroy the other, and EVERYONE was someone else's other. Do you really think the armed nobility treated the gentile peasantry or serfs in any manner one can distinguish from enslavement or persecution?

    I am sure the pogroms in Russia will come up. The Cossacks had the same experience as the Jews. The Russian nobility were no different from the rest of European nobility. Stalin just kept the tradition going. During WWII alone, he starved 20 million farmers by just taking the food they grew.

    WWII will bring up the holocaust. Jews account for 60 % of the victims. The others were Gypsies/Romani, handicapped people, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gays, Catholics, Lutherans, and well, anyone else who was different.

    The Japanese did the same thing to the Chinese during WWII. The Chinese went through cycles of enslaving and killing each other. The Mongol's, Tibetans, and the Muslims did the same to the Chinese.

    The Greeks and Romans were no different. Nor were the Germanic tribes. Don't even get the Irish started about their history with the English.

    Then of course there is the persecution of the Palestinians by the Israelis.

    This is all standard. Everyone has ancestors on both sides of the brutality of being human.

    So next time anyone wants to act like the Christians, or the Jews, or any other modern people groups have it rougher than everyone else, just ask an Amelekite what he thinks.

    Oh, you can't.

    There is your answer right there.

  • Hahaha... Wait, the question is serious?

    Christians might be the most challenged for their faith, but are far from being persecuted. Look at how the Christians persecuted other religions throughout history? Look at the people most commonly stopped at air ports for suspected terrorist when there is no reason to believe they are, Muslims. Look at how the Middle Eastern nations treat Jews. Christians are far from being on the list of persecuted religious groups in the world.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Who killed millions of people to get their Jerusalem?

    There is no well-accepted anti-Christian belief in the US. While Christians are being persecuted by Muslims and Muslim countries, Christians used to persecute every religion they could find. In the Middle Ages, devout Christians would rob the graves of Jews (and only Jews) to get ransom money.
    To argue that Christians form the most persecuted religious group is absurd. Who force Native Americans (or Indians) to convert to Christianity. Even Indians (in India) had to convert when there was anti-Hinduism behavior from Muslims and Catholics. Christians kicked Jews out of Spain in the Inquisition. Jews were attacked by Catholics in the Holocaust. Jews were attacked by Arabs in multiple countries.
    Pacific Islanders, Aborigines and many other ethnic groups simply add to the fact that the Christians were persecutors majority of the time.

  • In some situations, but not all.

    I agree that they are the most persecuted in countries such as Iran, but throughout history it is quite clear that we are not the most persecuted. Even World War II alone is enough to claim that Christians have been the aggressors in the majority of religious quarrels. Now, this does not mean that Christians are aggressive and abusive by nature, just that some of the main tyrants have been Christians and given Christianity a bad reputation in that sense.

  • Absolutely not. Who ever made this pole is dumb.

    Christianity is not the most persecuted, Muslims, Jews, and other religious groups have suffered a lot more than Christians, the Christians want us to feel pity for them, even though they have most ease in the world. Muslims, Jews, and others do not, they fight for their beliefs every day, and this is coming from a Nazi Agnostic.

  • They may be

    Well, Christianity is on the receiving on of many jeers, but other religions also face ridicule as well. But Christianity still is persecuted a lot, but maybe not more than other religions. They are definitely persecuted, though.

    Also, can you please take some time to check out my debate? It is on the Existence of God. Thanks if you check it out and/or vote.

  • They may be

    Maybe not the most persecuted, but many Christians are persecuted. Though, other religions can be on the receiving end of insults too, but Christianity seems to get a lot. Maybe not the most though.

    Can you please check out my debate on the Existence of God? Please... Thanks if you check it out and vote...

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Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T02:57:32.780
You know, one day the world's going to end and I honestly don't see it as a lost. God isn't good anyway.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T02:57:47.447
Lost = loss
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T02:58:18.630
And honestly, what's more important in the world than power. I can't find anything else more important in this world that that!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T03:00:08.377
God clearly understands it's the most important thing in the world otherwise he wouldn't go around creating so many different people who all hate each other to balance the world. This planet just wasn't meant to last. So whatever happens to the world, I don't really care either way!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T03:01:29.653
Don't be fooled intelligent life is a monstrosity and when its eliminated from the universe in every remote pocket the universe will be better for it!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T03:02:12.320
May God fail!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T03:17:42.680
In several billion years the Earth is going to be incinerated by an expanding and that will be the best thing to ever happen to it.
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T03:18:37.543
In several billion years the Earth is going to be incinerated by an expanding sun and that will be the best thing to ever happen to it. To bad God can't be beat down in tragedy like that too!
Seeginomikata says2014-04-03T03:32:42.277
Put my argument on the wrong side by accident...
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T04:58:53.427
Okay. You know what: I'm very angry right now because it just seems like God asserted himself into my life in order to humiliate me. None of you know me but the way in which God revealed himself to me is very embarrassing and God clearly took the opportunity to force me to humble myself before the world - which is very hard for me! I'm very arrogant, proud, and selfish person and it's hard for me to deal with all these forced losses and humiliations that God is making me go through.

That's why I'm angry.

I apologize very my snide, rude comments in the comments section of this poll! I apologize!
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-03T05:05:04.663

"I'm a very arrogant, proud, and selfish person and it's hard for me to deal with all these forced losses and humiliations that God is making me go through.

That's why I'm angry.

I apologize very my snide, rude comments in the comments section of this poll! I apologize!"

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