Christians claim to understand gods work sometimes unless its not convenient in which case they say no one can understand it.

Asked by: steffon66
  • That's what I did when I was a Baptist.

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?

    We live in a world in which Bill Gates has 80 Billion, and at the same time a child starves to death every 10 seconds. That's a world without god, or a world with a cruel god, which is therefore inherently not a biblical god.

  • They are always saying god is good but when you say god is bad they say gods work and will are beyond our understanding

    Thats because when its convenient for them they want to believe they understand some of gods work while when its not they dont. If nobody can understand gods work or reasoning then there is no way to know if he is good or existent as if you dont understand gods work then you shouldnt know whether or not it had to have been created.

  • It's all semantics.

    God has a plan, and we cannot comprehend it. Anyone who says otherwise is either misguided or a bold-faced liar. Of course, everyone has their own interpretation of God, so excepting a few constants (omnipotence, making us responsible for our actions, et cetera), there is no singular complete definition of God.
    I'm still waiting for you to start quoting "The Death and Resurrection Show".
    Meanwhile in Hell, the Devil, or Toby, is taking roll.
    "Atheists, are you here? You must be feeling a right bunch of nitwits/charlies now."
    (Rowan Atkinson, A Warm Welcome)

  • Most Christians do not claim to fully understand God's work.

    We can only understand what is made clear through the Bible. Anything after that is pure guesswork. I know this was an opinion poll, but I wish I had access to some examples that steffon66 would have given. The biggest concept that is beyond Christian understanding is the afterlife. We know very little about it.

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TheWORDisLIFE says2015-08-31T00:30:39.140
Christianity makes no sense. If no one can understand Scripture, how can they (Christians) understand it????
steffon66 says2015-08-31T00:37:29.360
Thats not what i said. I said christians claim to understand gods work. What i meant by work is his creation. Christians claim to know god is good. The only way you can know whether or not god is good is if you know right from wrong and understand what he did. But christians say there is no way for a human to understand gods will or work or anything he does so how can they say he is good after telling us when we say hes bad that there is no way for us to know that because we cant understand gods reasoning