Christians only: Is homosexuality Biblically and morally wrong?

Asked by: Pitbull15
  • It is wrong.

    In the Old Testament, any one who sleep with the same gender, or was enticed by the same gender died. Also if it were mean to be of the same sex, then they would be able to naturally reproduce. Or to put it simply, as some say, "It was Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve".

  • Messianic Jew here

    And I believe it is wrong and God hates gays, and gays are not people, they're gay, which takes away their humanity. Gays go to hell, and they stay there burning for eternity, sorry gays, but that's whats going to happen, because its a choice to be gay, Leviticus 20:13

  • God does love all

    That point is slightly missing the point though. Its not asking if God will accept you, but if it is morally right or wrong. I will argue it is morally wrong. It is contrary to the old testament laws which were meant to guide the Israelites in holy living. If it was acceptable in Gods sight, it would not have been found there. Mind you, porn, theft, swearing, idolatry and all those other things are still morally wrong. So, before we go telling someone that they are going to be condemned to hell for an action, we are acting as the Judge which we are in no position to do.

  • It is morally wrong

    Homosexuality is clearly defined as a sin every time homosexuality is mentioned in the Bible. No honest person can read the Bible and conclude that the Bible did not condemn homosexuality. The good news however is that no sin is beyond forgiveness. We should discuss more on God's love than whether homosexuality is a sin doomed for hell.

    All of us have sinned and are need of grace.

  • Yes it is wrong.

    God issued marriage to only be between a man and a woman, many homosexual activists argue that you should marry who you love, but God originally issued marriage to make a family structure, not just love. Love is in there, but it's the bride and groom loving God first. In Genesis he said to go and repopulate the earth. Two of the same sex can't make a baby.

  • Yes, simply because forgiveness is only granted if we actively try to stop sinning.

    No matter how faithful a person is, if they live a homosexual life style all their life, God will not forgive them. This is because they do not want forgiveness. To quote Paul "examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test?” 2 Corinthians 13:5

  • Homosexuality is Biblically and Morally wrong.

    First, in both the Old Testament and New Testament the Bible teaches that homosexual behavior is wrong. (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:10.) The passage from Romans is very good. It doesn't only condemn both male and female homosexuality, it explains why it's wrong. It violates God's design for male and female sexuality. Men were designed to function sexually with women, a fact that is obviously consistent with human anatomy. Second, God sets moral laws and values. And according to the moral law that He has set for us to follow, homosexuality is wrong.

  • What if your closest friend was gay? What then?

    Are you going to abandon them in their time of support and need? Does being gay change the person they are o the inside? NO. They're still the same, kind friend. Buut nope. Ou refuse to treat them human. One little vain thing changes what you think about them forever. Homosexuality is not a choice. Do you choose who you fall in love with? NO. So why is it different with gays, whom you treat like aliens?

  • God loves all

    God will still love you no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation. God created us knowing we would make mistakes, but would still forgive us and give us the beacon of hope knowing that if we asked god to become a part of our lives. We are citizens of god and the world.

  • It's not wrong

    Muslims would be close to 100% saying that homosexuality is wrong and we all know that Muslims are primitive people who are being held back from living in the 21st. Century by their archaic religious beliefs. This is easy to equate with Christianity and Christians and so their archaic beliefs based on the bible and superstitions are also wrong. Of even more importance is the fact that most of modern society really don't care that much what Christians believe anymore. The world will go on without them and they will find themselves in the minority with their religious superstitions.

  • The evil / dirty act of Homosexuality was brought by the atheists Christians and Jews.

    The evil / dirty act of Homosexuality was brought by the atheists Christians and Jews. You need to go back to your bible and reread again to understand what God has said.
    Homosexual is morally wrong it is defined as a sin in all three religions.
    Legalizing same sex marriage it is an abuse of our human nature, which could have a harmful effects on the world society. Homosexual acts is a disorder condition which is opposite to natural law. Marriage was created by God between one Man and one woman to fulfil the need of the universe .

  • Yes So What?

    Everyone In The Yes Column Needs To Go Back And Read Their Bibles.
    Yes It Says That Homosexuality Is Wrong But It Also Says That All Have Sinned And Come Short Of The Glory Of God And Violating One Law Of God Is Like Violating Them All. I Doubt Anyone In The Yes Column Is Perfect, And Since Violating One Law Is Like Violating Them All To God Everyone Is Homosexual

  • Wording in the Bible says no.

    Leviticus says that only practicing homosexuals are sinners. It only ever refers to men who lie with other men as if they were women. According to the Bible, if someone is a homosexual but never comes out then they are not sinners. I personally do not believe that practicing homosexuals or nonpracticing homosexuals are sinners since being attracted to the same sex is not a choice, and is something some people were born with. Why would God create homosexuals just to inevitably condemn them to hell at the end of their life, unless He is evil? I do not believe in an evil god.

  • It`r moral totally fine

    The question first of all here is not just wheter homosexuality is wrong in a biblical way but general wrong refering to morals.
    The answere is a clear no. Why would it be any problem if you like someone from the same gender. It even doesn`t matter if a god exists, cause least he had to create them that way. And now saying no its a choice just no. If god is aware of the future which he has to be in order to be allknowing than he already knew how every person on earth would behave even before they were born. So basically we dont even have free will but lets leave that by side. Now that we see that its fine when a god exist we dont even have to aks if its okey when god doesn`t exist cause who would be interested in the question of someones sexuality.

  • You have to consider the time period:

    When the Bible was created, you have to take into account, the worlds population was considerably smaller than it is today, states depended on a growing population, both to ensure the next generation and to ensure there was enough able bodied men to fight in the army.

    It is possible, that the reasons the Bible is anti Homosexuality, was added for ancient political reasons:
    -it may have already been considered, a bad thing in the society's of the time period.
    -to ensure the Jewish population survived after escaping slavery in Egypt
    -to ensure there were enough men, to fight in the army to protect the population.
    -The Romans probably reinforced the ideas in the new testament, when they adopted Christianity as there state religion, so there would always be enough soldiers to fight for them.

    In the end, we won't know for sure until we die.

  • Course its not wrong

    People don't just CHOOSE to be gay, it happens, its built in, if a person has an attraction to another whatever gender they are you cannot help it. Also ive seen loads of male dogs and other species attempting to mate with other males, so how do you explain that? Are they going to hell? Are they defying the bible too? I don't see that written anywhere!

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Geogeer says2014-03-09T20:34:27.790
Homosexuality can mean attraction or actual acts. As such this poll is not specific enough to respond to.
SweetTea says2014-03-09T21:40:49.197
Homosexuality is Biblically wrong. It is defined as a sin, in Scripture. Morally it is against most church teachings even though many cultures accept it.

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