Christians Should Not Attack Science If It Disagrees With Their Faith, Because Science Is A Substantiated System Of Belief, As Christianity Is An Unsubstantiated Belief System.

Asked by: Sagey
Christians Should Not Attack Science If It Disagrees With Their Faith, Because Science Is A Substantiated System Of Belief, As Christianity Is An Unsubstantiated Belief System.
  • Theories are the Basis of Science: A Theory must be Substantiated. Religious Doctrines require no Verification/Substantiation.

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    As I stated, Theories are science's basis, Theories must be highly Substantiated to exist as such.
    The Doctrines of Christianity were devised in the 500 years after the Death of Jesus Christ, nothing was ever devised while Jesus was alive. There is nothing presentable as evidence that Jesus even performed a single miracle, and certainly no contemporary, impartial, eye-witness evidence for his resurrection.
    The teachings cannot be confirmed as coming from Jesus, as they took nearly 45 years to be written down and nobody could remember every word spoken after 45 years.
    So most of the Doctrines of Christianity are Unsubstantiated, because there is no evidence that is strong enough to Substantiate the claims of Christians.
    Yet, Christians are always attacking Scientific Theories and Knowledge, with unsubstantiated claims.
    They attack medical procedures, like abortion, Caesarean section, blood transfusion (JWs), Homosexuality (which is often genetic) and Evolution (Creationists).

    The attacks are always unsubstantiated by Evidence.
    The evidence they do try and cite is always bad science, or contrived Irrational nonsense.
    Because they are always arguing from a framework of Blind Faith, not Knowledge.

    Christianity often is a serious problem for the lives of young children such as poor Neil Beagley, a 16 year old teen who died from an easily curable illness, because his parents were too stupid/naive to trust medical science and madly, chose Faith Healing, that only works in cases where a placebo would suffice. The anointing of oil and prayers really achieve nothing and it is highly likely that Neil's case is only one of many hundreds, where the naive stupidity or blind faith of parents kill their children.
    Though Tim Minchin does sing of a Faith Healing case that once relayed to him by Sam from Dandenong, regarding his Mum's incurable eye disorder, that God healed, and turned Tim from Atheism to actually singing, Thank You God!


  • Duh.. Of course

    I don't know who said no to this, but its clear you shouldn't attack a belief because its different its just stupid. Im 16 and i realize more than adults how wrong it is its also hypocritical. Christians attack science and dont care if your upset but if someone who belief is science attacks them they get defensiveness and just have the same answer. God did it....

  • Yes that is the correct answer.

    Christians Should Not Attack Science If It Disagrees With Their Faith, Because Science Is A Substantiated System Of Belief, As Christianity Is An Unsubstantiated Belief System. What more can you say, that sums it up in a nutshell eh? If Christians would spend as much time tending to their beliefs and practicing the word of Jesus, then the discord in the US would die out 50 fold.

  • This Opinion's Statement Is Wrong

    First of all, Christianity is not opposed to science. One word: Creationism.
    But even if it was, science has been argued over and the science textbooks have been re-written over and over again, by human beings with flaws. The Bible was finished being written 2000 years ago, and its writers were inspired by God. Even if they did oppose, the Bible trumps today's scientific belief systems any day.

  • Christianity is substantiated

    To say that it isnt is a denial of simple historical fact. The bible is the most scrutinized, most read book in the world, and does not have any continuity errors. Many archaeological finds support specific events noted in the bible. To say that science is totally substantiated would be false, as in much of the field of science is research, and hypothesis. Such is the nature of the Big Bang THEORY. Not proven factually, merely hypothesized.

  • Science is not definite

    Some science like evolution is NOT a substantiated system of belief proved by many refutatons. The evidences that evolutionists suggest have been proved wrong because they only show what they want to believe. Also scientists prove things by observing evidences, and often times because of new ones, old ones proved to be wrong.

  • Why Can't Both Communities Respect Each Other?

    There are areas of Science that remain a mystery and unsubstantiated. After all, the process is: Hypothesis, Theory, then Law. And there are mysteries in Christianity that have not be proven. Yet, as a previous post points out, the Bible has probably come under more scrutiny than any other document in history. I might also add that much of the Bible has been proven via historical records, artifacts, etc. So, instead of attacking each other, perhaps respect is the solution?

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obrienkr says2014-01-07T03:58:52.733
Just curious, what is the distinction between the two almost identical questions you posed. The first seems to be a simpler version of this one?
Sagey says2014-01-07T21:31:14.353
Creationists are still trying to wrongly Assert that Science is a Conspiracy to support Evolution: They Are Entirely and Stupidly Wrong.
Science is not a Boys Club like Religion. In Religion, Theologians and Apologists all bend over backwards and Blatantly Lie to support (Apologize) for their Delusional, Unsubstantiated Belief System. Yes: Apologists (Anselm, Aquinas, etc...) are simply trained liars, not seekers of truth.
Scientists would love to destroy a deeply held scientific Theory, as it would bring them fame and prestige, since science is about discovering truth through evidence.
So, if a Theory is false or unsupported by Evidence, science wants to know about it and correct it.
If Evolution was in any way unsupported by evidence, it would not exist, since Darwin posited his Theory of Evolution, scientists have been questioning it and trying to disprove it.
The discovery of Genetics made many scientists think that they had a chance to use genetics to disprove Evolution, but, those scientists were disappointed when instead of weakening Evolution, genetics (which Darwin didn't know about) turned out to strengthen Evolution beyond belief.
Nothing that scientists have been able to throw at Evolution since Darwin posited it, has ever been able to weaken or dent it.
The Theory Of Evolution has been completely Substantiated.
So much so, that there is not a single Theory capable of Opposing it.
If any of the tenets of The Theory Of Evolution ever fails, only that tenet will be wiped, revised and repaired, essentially Evolution will only ever be updated, never destroyed.
Creationists have it So Very WRONG!
Though their seriously, critically Contaminated Mindware, will not let them Understand This, they seriously need an Education.
Sagey says2014-01-07T21:34:27.247
@ obrienkr, I changed my mind in this one and tried to remove it, the other was meant to be the final, but with Debate.Org, I cannot delete mistakes like I can in other Blog, debate and discussion sites.
So this one was a mistake that has developed a life of it's own.
I think I stated that in the introduction, but, such is Debate.Org.
They need to let people erase their Opinions and mistakes.
obrienkr says2014-01-08T03:16:51.880
@Sagey, thanks. I hope you understand that no offense was meant. I just noted the additional detail in this question and was curious about it. I saw the intro but perhaps got confused by the continued discussion. I agree that the ability to delete would represent an enhancement. I don't agree that all Christians, are opposed to scientific research and theories but I do think the discussion has value and I respect your opinions. Thanks again
SweetTea says2014-01-09T14:39:43.377
Actually, there are many facets of Science that remain unproven. They may even be accepted by the Scientific community as a solid, Scientific theory. Yet, they have not become proven or Scientific Law. And there is a huge difference between the two, i.e. Newton's Law of Gravity and the Big Bang Theory.