Christians who believe we deserve punishment for what we believe are hypocrites.

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  • Our brains automatically believe what we think is more likely!

    To choose to do otherwise would be irrational. For some christianity seems more likely than the alternatives. For some it seems more likely that christianity is false. Christians believe what they think is more likely and we believe what we think is more likely which is exactly what they do. If you choose what to believe you have an insufficient amount of evidence or believe what you think is less likely to be true as believing in something that you think is most likely is automatic and not the result of a choice. So thank you christians for admitting that you dont have enough evidence or believe in what is less likely. Any rational person would believe what is most likely given the evidence they have. To do otherwise would insure that you are wrong most of the time and people hate being wrong. Not having a sufficient amount of evidence would leave you ignorant to the likelihood of the choices presented to you being correct and only then can every option be a choice. Everyone believes what is most likely to be correct in their opinion. So when Christians say they choose to believe they are saying they don’t have sufficient evidence or they are believing what is less probable as if they were believing what was more likely that wouldn’t be choosing to believe it as what we think is most likely is what we automatically believe unless we choose to believe something else. This explains why Christians all have their doubts and why even pastors lose faith sometimes.

  • What? I am a Christian and I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about

    Ok let me start out and say, huh? I mean do you think us Christians prance around pointing fingers at you saying "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL, YOU'RE GOING TO HELL"? No we don't, at least the actual Christians don't. Listen our duty is only to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Repent our sins, and to love and help others. That's it. We try to help people understand that society is leading you to a path of desolation with it's pornography, drugs, gay marriages and other sexual abominations, greed for money and power, and it's satanic promotion. We know what we are talking about and we are here for assistance whenever needed. I am not about to get into a God vs every other religion and theory that man wants to take out of thin air and provide explanation on how it happened but it just I guess.. Happened. Also do you think we believe we are perfect? If you think I do because I am Christian then you are sadly mistaken. We are all sinners far from righteousness. Do we blame ourselves? Well yes and no. If it is a decision then yes, but sometimes sin can be spoon fed to us starting in our early years as they are getting away with a lot of crap in children's television sending unwanted messages. Now to be honest if you want to sit here and say "You are ignorant for believing in such nonsense" then go ahead. Jesus was an outcast to his own home land because of His teachings so by all means shun me and say I am retarded. But I got news for you If We Christians are wrong then that means I can live my life doing morally right or morally wrong. I will have no repercussions for my actions because I have no authority. But if We are right, and trust me you won't like it if I am, then there is a God in heaven that will judge every action I made and seeing that I made form of effort to change, then I am to be throw into Hell for eternity. That is Not worth believing in any other religion or theory that says my whole presence is meaningless.

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