Christie doesn't recall being informed of traffic jams: Is he telling the truth?

  • How did Christie let this slide right pass him?

    One thing that need to be said and understood is the fact that you can't trust everyone that come across your path, and you have to be careful who you let into your circle. Will we ever know the whole truth No. We won't, the only person that really knows is between him and God.

  • I don't know.

    But find it pretty funny that the same people, who believed Obama when used the same excuse, are the same ones who are saying that Christie is lying. It all comes down to politics. What we need to do is look at the facts and make an informed decision. Don't you think?

  • It Is Possible

    Christie is a position where he is probably informed of many things in a day's time and it is likely that he forgets a few things. I believe it is possible that he is telling the truth, but that doesn't make it a valid excuse for the problems caused by his negligence.

  • No, Chris Christie is a liar

    No, Chris Christie is not telling the truth about the New Jersey traffic jams. Generally when a politician says he "does not recall" statements or events, he is lying. How can a grown adult with no mental issues or impairments not remember something of such importance? If he really doesn't remember, perhaps he should be removed from office simply for incompetence based on mental defect. Governor Christie is known for deceptive behaviors, such as using Hurricane Sandy funding for promotional commercials featuring his family. Once a liar, always a liar, as far as I'm concerned. Additionally, prior to the announcement that he had been told of the lane closures, he claimed he didn't know anything about them at all. Now he is saying he doesn't remember. We need to stop giving government officials leeway on lies. You don't lie once and never lie again.

  • Christie is a bully and a liar.

    By this point, there's a pretty good chance Christie was behind this, and an even better one that he at least knew about it. That lane closure prevented an ambulance from reaching a dying old woman, and delayed police officers in their church for a missing child. If he's not recalled for being behind this, he should at least be recalled for being completely incompetent.

  • This has been happening for months now...

    I am sure something like this is hard to miss, he was probably seeing how long he could hold it up until more people stated noticing, then draw back. This isn't his first controversy, if that's what it takes to get revenge and reelected then that's a dangerous way to do it.

  • You shouldn't need to be informed of traffic jams.

    You really shouldn't need to be informed of traffic jams. It's a matter of noticing and paying attention to things that are going on. That is part of his job. However, I do think that he had been informed, if not in detail, at least at some point about the problem.

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Werdna says2014-03-30T00:48:18.090
The title of this poll should be "Christie doesn't recall being informed of traffic jams: do you think he is telling the truth?"